There are many people who find the work of the psychic/medium interesting. Rick Paul has an insightful way of talking about his work. During the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show, he decided to have his presentation recorded.

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Anyone who has an interest in spiritual connections will learn from this forty-five-minute talk. The audience learns about the choices he has made and where the seeds of his path were sown.


More About Rick:

Here is an article written by the gifted and popular Spiritual Medium Rick Paul. He has made considerable headway with his work and has established a large and loyal following. The key to spiritual councilling is empathy, something which Rick has in abundance. Rick is always willing to take time to connect to you his client. During shows, the organisers talk to Visitors about their views and appraisals of The Community. Rick always receives the greatest of accolades and praises. Take time to talk to him at The Well Being Shows and enjoy the connection.

Read what he has to say and get to know a kind and caring man

Hi, I’m Rick Paul:

I’m a down to earth man who has been given a gift by Spirit to enable me to work with people’s energies. I have always been fascinated by the work of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. My Spiritual journey began when I saw my grandad in spirit form. To say the experience left me unnerved is an understatement and although the connection posed many questions for me; I realised I had the gift of clairvoyance.

This led me to want to develop my abilities and be able to give messages and hopefully comfort to people whose loved ones have passed away, and so my first tentative steps on the pathway began.

As my development continued I began to realise that I don’t work like everybody else, allow me to explain:-

My feeling is we are born with a toolbox of capabilities; which makes it possible to live the life we choose, and then life happens, and at times we lose our way. I believe every human has psychic ability and many of the answers we seek come from within. When deciding to attune our conscious mind to our psychic ability, we become happier and more secure.

Because I work with your current energies, I do not make future predictions. I open myself to Spirit and channel your loved ones message/s and hopefully their guidance helps you to achieve your potential. Being able to piece puzzles together is the most rewarding part of my work.

One of my favourite methods of connecting to spirit is ‘psychometry’. This involves working with personal items which have absorbed your energy, for examples: keys, watches and jewellery. Usually, I pick up energy from the items, the energy is interpreted and the reading is given. When linking with Spirit, I never know who I might connect with although, I ask for and receive positive messages. We know that if we put out positive intent – positive energies are received. Tarot and Angel cards are used within a reading, they serve as tools of communication, as you shuffle the deck the cards align with the message. My work is to interpret the alignment of the cards, your loved ones to communicate through the cards.

My primary focus is on mediumship, I have a burning desire to help people, and guide clients to be able to move forward. To this end, I know when Spirit is asked answers are received, as a Medium my work is to listen to the message and pass it on. This is one of the kindest parts of my work, and it is very rewarding on spiritual and emotional levels.

When a client sits with me, she or he is asked to put out positive intent. It is my experience spirit will decide what you need to hear and if the client feels comfortable and positive, the Spirit is more inclined to communicate. Spirits are drawn to positivity and the connection benefits immensely when we harness positive thoughts. Remember, I work with your current energy, the issues and situations which formed your past influences your present, your ‘current’ energy is created from the situations of the past. The messages which come to me in words, pictures, energy, smells and song lyrics, have deep spiritual meaning, and my ability to decipher the information is very much part of my work.

I am sensitive to the energies which surround us. Remember, I am an empath and spirit will give me symptoms of illness they endured during life, this is sometimes given to demonstrate they are now free of their discomfort. The information also helps my client to recognise who is giving the message. I believe the client and reader should work alongside spirit and the client benefits greatly. It is important to remember the ‘message’ is the reason we are unified. The message is a key, to open the door to future happiness.

It is an honour and privilege to work with and on behalf of spirit. The joy I feel when my client smiles and gives thanks for our connection, has no limits, I work within the energy of truth and love, there can be no greater force than those two words.

Rick Paul

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