It is late and the first day is over: how did the show fair? The answer must be: The potential for this show and venue is amazing. We feel this show can attract many more Vistors and Community Members. I am certain if we expand the promotional range this will become an incredibly well thought of event. Most of the ingredients are here to mix this up into a magical Well Being extravaganza.

This is the first time at the Lady Eastwood Centre and it is clear we could have added an extra fifteen Community members to the list. Yes! there would have been greater numbers of similar stands. But the choice would have enhanced the Visitor experience, and it is doubted if anyone would have been disadvantaged by the increase. As regular readers will know, the balance of stands is an essential aspect of the events.

The talks schedule is a 101% winner: the quality of information and presentations exceeded all possible expectations. All Visitors spoke to raved about the talk schedule and presenters. In fact, we have gained return Visitors today because of the exemplary talks given yesterday.

Full review on Tuesday:

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