In this podcast, Liz and Ian talk about the progress of the Well Being Shows. There is, of course, referring to The Newark Well Being Show:

Of great interest is evidence that by making the changes asked for Visitors the show has flourished. Liz and Ian confirm that they will continue to use large venues with first-class facilities and for the time being, keep the attending Community levels far lower than could be attained. They feel it is important to heighten the Visitors awareness and quality of the shows before increasing attending Community numbers.

The podcast audience will listen to numerous Visitor interviews: the message is The Community is making a real impact on Visitors experience and enjoyment of The Well Being Shows.

Listen to the podcast:


Anyone who is considering becoming part of The Community and feels they can offer Visitors an excellent quality of therapy, service, products, information or anything connected to Wellbeing should listen to this important podcast with care. You will learn about the Community and the way they are building a unique and influential network.

If you feel you would fit in with this amazing group of people:
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The music for the show was provided by Iza Moon 🙂
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