Mel Jones is a well know and well-loved Community Member. The Well Being Shows are all the better for her presence, wisdom and understanding. Mel attains an enviable reputation for customer care. Not only is her stock of the highest quality, but Mel also possesses an amazing knowledge of crystals and their esoteric correspondence.

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Mel Jones

Away from the shows, Mel becomes a teacher, therapist and counsellor. As listeners will discover Mel is a wise and helpful healer. She has a way of clear explanation using simple anecdotes which captivate one’s imagination.

The idea of ‘acceptance’ has a powerful therapeutic implication. When we feel as if the world is against life purpose, one way to move on and proper is to accept and start again. Of course, this is a difficult concept to appreciate without clear guidance.

During the interview: Mel offers suggestions on how a spiritual being can find peace and happiness after difficult and prolonged issues and situations. She has every reason and a definitive life-experience which qualifies her to help and guide those in difficulty. Listen to the recording to find out more:


Visitors to The Well Being Shows can meet and talk with Mel Jones at her amazing Mel-Jay Stall. Mel refers to the stand as a ‘MagPie’s Delight’. There is no one who would dispute the suggestion.

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