Liz and I have known Stewart for many years. When we announced the first Well Being Show Stewart and his wife Marie said: “We’ll see you there” and for the first two years they attended every show. As they became more successful, the focus of attention had to be on the Reiki School “Nottingham Reiki”. Although they were no longer attending the Well Being Shows, their support for the Community did not stop. Every month, Stewart and Marie collected flyers for the coming events. And Stewart and Marie always shared all relevant articles and information about the progress of the events.

Sadly, two years ago, Marie entered her final sleep. All who knew she felt her passing. Marie was a formidable lady and loved because she cared for all who she knew. Of course, Stewart was devastated, and for some time he questioned if Nottingham Reiki School would continue to operate.

When Stewart decided to continue with the work he and Marie began, it was inevitable he’d gain support and encouragement. And as we know, he has continued with the mission to train new Reiki students. I’m certain Marie would be pleased with the progress. Her standards of presentation and training can still be seen to this day.

Stewart and his pupils enjoyed a busy and fruitful weekend at their first Well Being Show after a break of nearly four years. They demonstrated to Visitors the potential of Reiki energy and feedback received from Visitors was superb. Stewart also preceded over a “Reiki Share” with all who attended benefitted from the meditation and Stewarts wise words.

You will find the great depth of character in Stewart when listening to this short interview recorded during the July 2019 Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

Listen to the interview:


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