Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts: 22:03:20 – I have had an enjoyable few days talking to Community Members about the future of the events. And I’m also now reviewing new venues. The enthusiasm received for our plans is more than encouraging. We now have the monumental task of working through the paperwork and contracts to make the ideas become a reality.

When we choose to become Community-Driven. Therefore, we know that eventually there would be a need to delegate and bring others into the organisation: and we have our first show Ambassador Mr Paul Willcock who will be looking after and promoting the Pure Spirit Shows in the North East. We are delighted with the progress in this area.

Well Being Badges:

We enjoyed immense and positive feedback from The Wednesday post. The badges requested will be posted out next week: wear them with pride: They offer a multitude of messages. See how many you can find in the words.

Well Being

I’ll BE There For You

There are other aspects of the badges I would like to introduce. Visitors who wear the buttons will be entitled to a one-pound entry discount for all of our 2020 events. This concession is a way of saying thank you for your strength and support. There is too much confusion to provide definitive answers to the present situation. So, we choose to be driven by the future.

We are thankful for the positive feedback relating to our stance on the present situation. And we look forward to a return to a semblance of normality. And to further long term security of Community Members I will be announcing a 2020 price restructure to help Community Members overcome their losses. We have chosen to lower the stand fees of all events for 2020. Remember we are driven by Community success, not profit. And this gives us ample flexibility to see the long term future. Community Members will receive the changes and updates this coming week.

Finally, I ask you all to take care and be strong. There is nothing more for me to contribute to the many different ideas and sentiments already given and offered. You can be sure we will work to provide you with all our greatest support.

Stay safe and do that which is right for you:

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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