The Poor are The New Rich – Ian and Rick Talk

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This is a random 40-minute podcast. Listeners are asked to consider the idea that those who have always experienced a lack of funds and difficult situations are more about to deal with the present crisis.

An interesting question?

Listeners could not doubt they are listening to a random conversation! And if you have a comment use the comments box below: Or join the podcast as a guest and offer your opinions about anything!


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  1. Very interesting. On the matter of when the MBS scene will restart, I think that the process is more important than picking dates. For so long as there is a public perception that there are ongoing deaths, and new cases, consequent to Covid 19, the public will avoid public gatherings. In China, schools are only just going back, without public gatherings, after four months of the outbreak, four months, that would take us to mid July. Any event requires at least a month’s lead in, so, realistically we are looking at September earliest. Spanish Flu had a second wave in the autumn.

    I wholly agree that when it is safe to do so, there will be a surge of interest in Well Being events. A friend of 25 years standing has just died of the Virus, hospitalised on a Friday, on a ventilator on Sat, dead a week later. This has shaken me

    So balancing the desire of all of us to restart, with the grim realities of the disease, will be required.

    • The interest in the show is VERY strong from both Community and Visitors Gary. And we must anticipate there are many people who will be prepared to attend an event IF the GUIDLINES permit. Of further thought: Because of the uncertainty of the situation we retuned all fees paid to us for the whole of the year. It iscertain people will need this money in the coming months. And we will offer stands at a subsidiced price for the whole of 2020.

      I do note and watch with care all the news and bulletins. However it seems to me that forward planning is essential. We are the only organiser in the UK holding the Community together and we will continue to do so. The following and contributions coming to LEN means we could be two months ahead in very short time. Although we are flexible: Jane sent in a humrous and welcomed addition to LEN only yesterday.

      I send my thoughts and kindness to you for your sad loss my friend. Ian

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