Goddesses of magic! We love diversity: The podcasts are popular due to the depth and breadth of content, and we encourage guests to talk about their beliefs. Why not? There is nothing wrong with thinking ‘out of the box’.

Angela Barker is very much part of The Well Being Shows: Her enthusiasm for everything Well Being and the ethos of the events is clear for all to see. Angela and her partner Claudine West continually promote the shows and events to the benefit of all Community Members. We thank them for their efforts.

While listening to the podcast you’ll discover thoughts on:

Magical Goddesses
Why some situations cannot be overwhelmed
Football Worship
Life in Pompeii (Portsmouth to You! :-))
WWII Anecedote
Community! Ange is working for you

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Fenix Flames was founded by two friends Sarah Louise Kay and Angela Barker. With over 20 years of experience in Paganism. Sarah’s unexpected passing in January 2019, brought the Pagan community together to celebrate her life. Fenix continues as a dedication to her light for others.

Angela comes from a gipsy background, is a professional Tarot Reader and has a passion for using candles, herbs, crystals and oils within her magical work. Sarah’s speciality was making herbal incense, bath salts, soaps and oils. She left her legacy of recipes. We sell homemade bespoke products all made from our own recipes which we have tried and tested over the years.

Visitors are sure to enjoy a warm welcome when visiting the Fenix Flames stall. You will find Angela has immense knowledge of the Pagan culture. Many followers of the Pagan path seem to enjoy wonderful wellbeing and happiness.

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