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An Article by Rick Paul

How people present themselves and what they “do” always fascinates me and I spend a fair amount of time reading about others work. I am in my second season with LizianEvents Well Being Shows, and in one of their promotions, my Community member video came reappeared on the forum. I watched it again to check if I am on track with my aims and objectives, the good news is that I am. I shared the video on social media platforms just as I do others because in my humble opinion this is what being a LizianEvents Community Member is all about. To coin a phrase “sharing is caring.”

I am a “constant thinker” myriads of thoughts dance around in my mind and paint some truly wonderful pictures in my mind’s eye. I got to thinking the other day how can I advertise myself, and asked: “What do I “do”?

Those who recognise my promotion banners will notice I have coined my phrase: which is “I am what I am: I do what I do: I am just me” this is a statement of which I am very proud. Its origins came about from a client at one of last years shows. A lady sat with me and asked what is it that I do, too course this is a fair question.

Before answering, I asked my self “What do I do?”! Bearing in mind, I am never short of a word or two the question took me back a little. After a few seconds thought I replied:

“It is a good question”
In fits of laughter, she replied: ”Well that’s not very helpful is it?”

I agreed, and explained:

“I am just me, I trust spirit implicitly and know that they will guide me to bring through the messages and guidance to help people on their personal journeys. I will use humour and common sense to bring about change within the client: always assuming that the client wants to change and allowing for free will choices”.

She chose to sit with me, and we enjoyed a very fruitful reading, full of insight and relative information. After the reading she commented:

“When you answered my first question – ‘what do you do’ – I saw your integrity, you spoke with the truth. Reflected on the question and gave an answer which satisfied my needs. In fact, your reply where you mentioned ‘trust spirit’ signified your ability”.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and I strongly think that everybody I work with is sent to me for a reason. I tell my clients that what I “do” is work with a strong sense of integrity and trust that the right words will come to me and be the help or the catalyst for change for them.

Rick Paul
Rick Paul

I am a healer, words are my healing conduit. I am also empathic and feel emotions before I can put words to them. My work is a three-way connection: Myself – Client – Spiritual connection.

Recent revelations made me realise by utilising my gifts I can indeed help others. I have become certain this is my purpose in life and the reason for experiencing the events of my journey. Am I qualified to do this? Yes, I am because I am what I am I do what I do I am just me. When we get into our minds that we can only ever be ourselves and not a diluted version of another and that we are good enough to be whatever we want to be then, we are making progress.

My meditations have guided me to launch a new service to work alongside my readings. I chose to use the word “guidance” to explain the essence of this addition. Guidance came about because of the way I work I always try and offer practical solutions to problems which sometimes tried during a spiritual consultation.

Recently I completed an intensive NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) course. One of the phrases used by NLP Practitioners is: “If you do what you have always done; you receive what you have always understood”, and this statement is countered with “To change your world; you have to change your way of thinking to achieve different and better results”.

To understand my interpretation of “guidance” it is essential to understand who I am. I have enjoyed an eclectic life and have often been the one who ‘doesn’t quite fit in’! The one who chooses to look at every aspect of an issue. The one who asked the extra question, sees the good, right and truthful aspects of someone’s nature. Forgiveness and compassion rules where others feel revenge is the only way.

Close friends and colleagues intimate: this ‘uniqueness’ will take me forward. I agree, the ability to see the whole picture is part of my psyche. The new skills learned, have already proven to enhance my readings and spiritual consultations. I feel the better the medium is able to connect their worldly knowledge to guidance from spirit, the greater they can help those they work with. We must give our clients the best possible reading. No doubt about it!

I have a magpies nature! I’m attracted to shiny things, peoples knowledge and nuggets of information are bright glowing things, and I collect them avidly. I am a communicator and love talking to people from every walk of life. I find the ideas and thought processes of my friend, family and clients fascinating and every interaction adds to my understanding of the why’s and how’s of life.

I follow the methods and wisdom of other peoples teachings. As I blend their knowledge into my work, I am discovering better, more constructive ways to give structure to my own musings.

What is “guidance?”

It is a combination of learned spiritual wisdom, formal training and my mediumistic gift.

How does it work?

When working with my clients, I like to paint pictures in their minds. It is a spiritual meditation which guides them to see situations in a different light. Picture me as your cheerleader, your support and your tour guide, helping you find your own ways to self-empowerment, I am your biggest fan and the remover of blocks that YOU have put there.

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What do I do?

We work as a team to provide insight to help you to self-empowerment. My desire is for you to be your own biggest fan. We consider the course or path of your journey and make corrections, consider and adjust restrictive thoughts. Maybe along the way, we’ll challenge self-limiting beliefs and see how comfortable it can be using your own power. The aim is to help my clients gain a new perspective on their life. The focus is on a spiritual and mediumistic connection. It is interesting to discover my latest readings have enjoyed fantastic feedback and compliments.

I close this article and underline the reason for writing it. In the same way as all people: it takes many years of life experience to open our minds to higher spiritual awareness. Some of the tasks, moments, experience, memories and teachings are enjoyable and rewarding, and many are demanding. And like many people I spent tens of years questioning my “role in life”. The key to the door of wisdom turns when we realise life and purpose is an ongoing and never-ending series of lessons. At this maker in time, my inner being guided me to utilise my skills to help others find their way. I am not writing from the perspective of sage or wise man. The feeling is I have become a gatekeeper, and when people sit with me, I can give them the keys to open the doors to their future. Whether spiritual, emotional, intellectual or merely material, my work is in the service of humankind.

Go with your expertise, anything from caring for the family to building an empire. Follow your passions: trust the inner-self, your spirit and soul. This triad of inner consciousness only wants what is best for your Being. Use your emotions and the words of trusted friends as a barometer of progress. When you fire the passion for success in your heart, you will meet and exceed your objectives. I believe in your future, and we will work together to help you fulfil a wonderful life. I will stand by you, become your reference point, reminding you to stay on track. In other words, I will remind you of your “Guidance”, and when you reach your goal, we will celebrate your new beginnings.

You can meet and talk with me at LizianEvents Well Being Shows: I will be the one in the noisy waistcoat or if I have a client sitting with me, look at my appointment list and return to talk when there is a space.

My ethos is simple: 

I am honest down to earth empathic, direct and very proud to be able to say:

“I am what I am, I do what I do, I am just me.”

Bright blessings to you all:


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