This is LEN first! Some days ago Rick sent a submission for appraisal. We found it so interesting we made the decision to record a short podcast about the article. Reader/listeners will find Rick has put together a unique and interesting way to help people who love his work and feel he can support them during times of darkness and uncertainty.

Find out why he can support people at any time. You may be surprised where his ability to support and help comes from and then understand how potent a ‘one to one’ session can become. The Article – ‘Searching One’s Soul’ is followed by the podcast:

Searching One’s Soul

As many others do: I enjoy observing how people function. And there is interest in the strategies used by some to gain attention to themselves their causes or their products. Clever ones assess their current environment and make a pitch to fit the current circumstances. They gain support by using subtle language patterns. You may know the phrases: ‘You think like me’ or ‘Or we are all in this together’—phrases which help them gain support for their opinion.

Let’s name this person ‘the player’: he/she may well present multiple facades. Playing a role in one place and then swiftly changing it to suit another environment. When coming across ‘the player,’ the question could be: Where are you trying to lead me? What is your goal? What are you attempting to align me with? Do I believe you?

During times of stress and duress, humans run a revealing default programme: which is, at times, quite raw. So remember, when listening to someone pitching an idea caution is needed, read their small print, ask to read their contract: we do this by asking questions. Listen to the hidden messages!

The introduction reveals recent observations about people. No matter what mask we wear or role that we play a core program keeps running until we decide to change it. In other words, many prefer to manipulate rather than be real! 

Beware! During times of difficulty and stress, a carefully polished veneer may well come off, and the person behind the facade will be revealed. And now we see if they are they who they claim to be: have they led by example? Do their words match their actions? Do we now see their private beliefs? During the exposure of true-self, I doubt whether there will be many who accept reality. 

One aspect of my spiritual work is to find balance, seek clarity and wisdom and make sense of my thoughts. Then possibly write or talk about my discoveries to help people find self-empowerment. The pay off for me is that by doing this work, I can look at and face my true self. I pride myself on an open and honest approach. If I am asked for an opinion, and most often given without compromise.

During recent events (Virus Crisis) there is time to look closely at social media: and I decide silence is the most excellent option. I am remaining quiet and focus on those who chose to work with me: and as an impartial witness, and it is essential to stay neutral. I aim to help people move forward, no matter what their circumstances. I like the idea of optimism but not blind optimism. If you are going to help someone negotiate an unknown future, my thought is to give them structure or a set of tools to carve out the path of their choosing. Over the years, Zoe has taught me to look for the good in situations: no matter how small. So when tests come, I look for the light carefully: and put together positive and realistic strategies. My preference is for structure. I am searching for mind food. And learning to think with clarity: blind faith doesn’t work for me.

I have spent considerable time watching self-proclaimed gurus, and experts dispense their brand of wisdom. And sometimes, by looking beyond the facade, the inner-being asks ‘Who are you kidding?’

My feeling is: people desire integrity, honesty and strategies: which can be learned to achieve tangible results. I am not a guru or an expert. I believe in the power of the individual and their potential to make changes when they are adequately supported.

One of my biggest passions is mental health and helping people understand its impact on life and happiness. I look to help people and provide a shoulder to lean on, and I will offer guidance based on what my client talks about. I want people to notice the patterns that they have and the programmes that they run and how they are likely to react in certain situations. My knowledge is based on life skills and circumstances encountered along my paths of life. Essential for me when considering wisdom is to know its origin. After watching many social media gurus, they sit and talk, looking composed one day and in meltdown the next. How can one help, if one cannot help oneself? I feel knowing your feelings and origins of thought is essential. And failure to see the reality of how one is perceived is courting failure.

Over the years, I’ve experienced depression and anxiety, and I have sought a CURE from many experts. They offered differing opinions on how to cure these problems, from medication to counselling, affirmations to therapies, journaling etc. On one occasion, I asked the expert if I changed the medication would I be cured; this was the response ‘I don’t know! Anxiety and depression are individual to the person experiencing it’. My deduction from this answer was that there is no one size fits all approach to solving depression. This is why the flexibility of thought and willingness to change is crucial to me.

I am talking about my experiences and story, and one should note what worked for me. I watched a programme about bipolar disorder, and Steven Fry was the guest. Towards the end of the programme he did a survey asking the participants if there were a switch to turn off their condition permanently would they use it and I was staggered to see a high percentage say NO! At the time, I would have used the switch in a heartbeat.

With time, my perception is changed. Asking the question again the answer would be no I wouldn’t use the switch. Why? Because anxiety and depression are part of me. The two demons don’t own or define me either. I no longer seek a cure as I realise my ‘strange’ way of thinking helps me create alternative ways of approaching life. I now understand having everything in order every single day is an unrealistic expectation. A simple way of releasing depression is accepting what triggers the darkness and avoiding situations (where possible) that ‘cast the shadow’. Be open to postponing commitments until you are in a better frame of mind. Learn to manage life and expectations and manage life from knowing one’s abilities.

Today I thank my depression for leading me to this milestone of happiness. My moments under the shadow has helped me understand the possible feeling of those in the shadow today. I am grateful depression has given me the ability to think differently; I love the various perspectives it has given me and the strange ways used to solve problems. I thank depression for making me Rick Paul and acknowledge I’m here to challenge rational expectations. Depression is my early warning system: helping me to withdraw from chaotic situations that could bring about difficulties. Depression has enhanced my sensitivity to people and their issues. I am sensitive to people and the environment: picking up on vibrational frequency because depression has forced me to seek solitude. 

I’m also grateful for the feeling of anxiety: it helps me recognise a stubbornness and reluctance to seek help. Both conditions give me the ability to connect with others to help them realise they are not alone. I will never switch that switch; there is no need too! I can live with and use the force of depression to my advantage.

Yes! Positivity is a cornerstone of my work. And life is about choices. For examples: I choose not to publicly meltdown. I decide not to encompass an opinion which is not consistent with my beliefs and truths. This is self-betrayal and leads to self-destruction. I choose not to be business-minded promoting my next product. I’m not a self-appointed guru or expert. My choice is to be a guide and mentor: who intuitively speaks from the heart: who has no ulterior motives or agenda. A flexible way of thinking has taught me life is subject to change. One can be happy understanding how to work with, not fight against depression: One can choose to work toward success, not demand immediate results: One can choose to turn a life around by degrees. 

Knowing we have the strength to talk about our valid observations of people’s actions and resisting the temptation be judgemental is a milestone. And one of the most effective ideas used to make a wise choice. If there is darkness within your daily life: I can guide you to make choices which HAVE helped people who were in the most challenging situations. If you feel an alternative way of looking at life is ALSO a choice which can bring light into darkness: Then there is hope and if you chose to work with me: I will suggest ways of change and forms of acceptance and methods to see a bright future. And you’ll always find my desire to inspire.

Much love Rick Paul.

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