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Yesterday I spoke to John Richardson about his feelings on the Newark Well Being Market:

‘Ian we know this is an important event. No one is fooling themselves, we are in uncharted waters. Although, I feel there is a healthy demand for the Well Being Market and many of my clients have expressed great interest in The Well Being Market. Let’s face it, there has been nothing like this ever organised. All of the other exhibitors I’ve talked too are very enthusiastic about the event. Don’t fool yourself, Ian, there are those who think you’re making a mistake. My feeling is, this says more about them than it does about the people who are attending the market. I looked at the list last week, what a great group of positive and forward-looking people. I’m not joking Ian, my belief is we are making history here! No matter what happens, I’ll be pleased to say ‘I was there’. I feel like this is a new episode in the future of the shows. I agree with Cam Wallace: we have to show our faith in the future and expose our real spiritual values and strengths. You have a brand Ian, The Well Being brand. Whenever you are mentioned people say: ‘Ah! The Well Being Shows’. Whatever happens at the weekend, no one will ever forget what we have all achieved.’

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Thank You, John Richardson for your words of encouragement. We know many Visitors respect your views and words of wisdom. Incidentally, John has (like ourselves) worked without rest over the last six months to keep the light of the future bright. Well done John.

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