Thank you for the incredible interest in LizianEvents News articles over the last six months. At the moment the figures are over three times the daily average. This is a possible indication of how the Well Being Market will fair over the weekend.

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Here is the Well Being Market Talks and Presentation Lists

Presentations: Sat 19 and Sun 20 September 2020 

Saturday – Room 1

11am:  John Richardson
Purple Church Spiritual Healing and Ida Pimm

12noon:  Angela Barker – Fenix Flames
Candle Magic

1pm:  Lisa Davies – Author
Lisa talks about her forthcoming workshops ‘Story Telling with the Tarot’

2pm:  Sharon Dewick – Nature’s Workshop
Join Sharon for an introduction to the Angelic realm which provides inspiration for her artwork and a guided meditation.

3pm:  Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
A fascinating insight into the lives of the Native Americans – weather permitting this will be followed by a sacred smudging ceremony outside.

4pm:   4pm: Barrie John Medium – Demonstration
A very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration.  Attendees will be guaranteed a superb audience with one of this country’s well known and respected Mediums.  We have watched Barrie John presenting on numerous occasions, he never fails to captivate and enthral his audience.  It’s no surprise that Barrie John has worked consistently as a Medium for the last 20+ years.

Saturday – Room 2

11am:  Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings

The Power of Suggestion – Have you ever wondered how susceptible you are to hypnosis? Would you like to learn how through suggestion you can discover this in yourself and others? Come along to the practical and fun presentation where you can learn a little about how the mind works and how you can use this to help yourself and others.

12noon:  Jane Osborne – Author
Exploring Past Lives through Past Life Regression

1pm:  Peter Wall
Hypnotherapy Academy Training – how you can train to use Hypnotherapy for yourself or to help others and as a second income

2pm:  Philip Underwood – The Anahata Centre Lincoln
Spiritual Evolution
Much is talked about the need to spiritually evolve, but contrary to popular beliefs we don’t need to evolve we simply need to awaken to what we already are, and, in this session, Philip explains exactly how to do that. It’s over 35 years since Philip spent 5 years in retreat from the commercial world, we all live in, on his search for inner truth and since that time he’s been sharing what he discovered with thousands of people all over Europe. He says it’s wake up time to be what we really are; beautiful spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body.

3pm:  Dathan Berry – Solrox
Ancient therapy of the sea using Solrox Salt Therapy tools.

4pm:  Sarah Lines – Intent Jewellery
Walk the Labyrinth – Sarah talks you through this fascinating exercise

Sunday 20 September: 

Room 1: 

11am:  Ashley Mortimer – Fenix Flames Publishing
Modern Day Witchcraft

12noon:  Claudine West – Earth Tree Healing
Guided Meditation led by Angela Barker and accompanied by an acoustic composition by Claudine West

1pm:  Brigitte Rix – Channelled Author
I Talk With Spirits – Brigitte, the Afterlife French lady and her enthusiastic and lively discussion about the afterlife

2pm:  Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go
Steven has developed a method of helping people who struggle with pain, using his simple technique.

3pm:  Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
My Spiritual Journey So Far
Rick goes from strength to strength.  He has amazed audiences across the country with his powerful mediumistic demonstrations.  His audience loves the blend of humour, kindness and messages.  Don’t miss this now established and up and coming Contemporary Medium.  (Rick is also recognised as the number 1 Waistcoat wearer in the UK!)

Room 2:

11am:  Paula North – Isagenix
Isagenix – solutions to transform lives! Do you struggle with your sleep, need more energy or need to lose a few lbs ? Come and hear how Isagenix can help.

12noonPhilip Underwood – The Anahata Centre Lincoln

1pm:  Peter Wall – Hypnotherapy Academy Training
Peter presents how you can train to use Hypnotherapy for yourself or to help others and as a second income

2pm:  Alan Wood – Native American Traditions
A fascinating insight into the lives of the Native Americans – weather permitting this will be followed by a sacred smudging ceremony outside.

3pm:  Roz Johnson
Introduction to Herbal Remedies

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Liz Clark’s opinion of the market is interesting:

‘I feel the change of format may well have important long-term implications for our organisation: the suspicion is there is a possibility of blending the Creativity Connected show with a Well Being Market. Creativity is very much associated with Well Being: indeed, many people have chosen to learn new artistic skills over the last six months. We have unfortunately had to turn down many new Community Members applications to stand at the Well Being Market: many of the applications were from artistic creators. We must seek every advantage for The Community. The last three months of 2020 and the whole of 2021 will be a challenging and rewarding year.

Liz Clark: LizianEvents

Over the last two months, I’ve learned more about organising ‘larger shows’ because of our involvement with SAG. It seems we are being prepared for larger, more involved and integrated Well Being events. As Ian says: The brand ‘Well Being’ is a ‘Unifying Principal’ and we see no reason not to consider the ‘Well Being’ brand becoming bigger and more nationally recognised. We certainly have the infrastructure and reach to turn the Well Being brand into a substantial enterprise. The foundations set nearly five years ago have proven strong and supportive since May. Whatever the outcome of the 19 and 20th of this month (19 ~ 20 September 2020) everyone involved will have gained an immense amount of understanding how the next year is going to work. Ian and I know there will be no return to old methods and practices. Many exhibitors feel let down by organisers and have refused to swallow the bitter pills offered as compensations: I’m proud we choose to repay all stand fees for 2020, it is a choice was right and fair. We are happy to have lowered the stand fees to help Community Members return to trade: clearly we cannot subsidise the shows forever, but we’ll do what is necessary for the time being.

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

I firmly believe there is a bright, happy and prosperous future for every Community Member: all of us accept there is a mountain to climb. We have to rebuild the confidence of our Visitors: and they will only visit venues which are of the highest standard, offering the very best of facilities and security.’

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Talk Room: LizianEvents Ltd

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