I have just read Liz’s Sunday thoughts .. and one line really STOOD out to me:

‘Not the same atmosphere as in the past’ 

Well I have to say I agree with the comment :

It is true that The Newark Well Being Market … was not the same as before .. but what can be the same in this restricted time ?

From my point of view there sadly were many things missing such as …

Top of the list:

NO HUGS! for friends and“family” for me that was the biggest sadness;

Other restrictions:

Iza’a beautiful live singing ~ not allowed

Live music ~ not allowed

Sit and chat tables ~  not allowed

Sitting in the cafe ~ not allowed

Groups of over 6  ~ not allowed

None of this by Lizian’s choice or mine for that matter!

But what was allowed was an amazing group of people coming together helping support and guide people: by selling their products and sharing information, although 1 meters plus apart in a bright clean spacious place! We made the best of what was available and magic happened.

What was allowed? Well, laughter and joy !

What was allowed was catching up with folks face to face, for many the first time in months !

What was allowed was for many business to continue for a little while longer, supporting families.

What was allowed was for many folks to have a much needed “treat”. Be it a new crystal, a reflex treatment, a bar of organic fair trade chocolate or spiritual counselling.

I did miss certain things , but I am very grateful for what WAS allowed and what we achieved over the weekend !

As I am typing this what comes to mind is Sept 11th. As a frequent flyer I know how travelling was before that date and how much I enjoyed flying to many places before the whole thing changed. With more restrictions, more security checks. Yes, it all changed for everyone. We learnt to adapt and we learnt to accept things were not the same. And we are grateful to be allowed to fly again. I am sure we will adjust to new formats. And in the future the shows will be allowed to fly again!

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