News from Paul owner of Hands R4 Healing: It’s always great to receive an update and buoyant messages form Community Members. By given out positive messages and attitude and looking to the future: we demonstrate immense foresight and fortitude. Paul is always upbeat and see’s life as ‘what we make it’. Never has there been a more important time to seek ways to be happy and progressive. This most challenging of times: will reveal those who have the strength to overcome fears and see the world returning to its natural balance. Natural balance? Yes! All of us find our levels and places in life. We are either passive or active: Paul, is a shining example of the active and upbeat nature of The Community:

Paul Willcock: LizianEvents

Paul Willcock

Hello to all of you beautiful people out there!

My name is Paul, I am a Reiki Master, and I own a small holistic business called Hands R4 Healing:

I work with Energy Healing and Crystals and specialise in making bespoke Orgone pyramids. I love to travel and meet new people and have been blessed with being able to attend the Lizian Well Being Events for the past two years.

As well as bringing a wide selection of products to each market: I also offer Reiki chakra balancing: a 20 minute Reiki session aimed at balancing and cleansing the body, activating the chakras and taking away any energies that no longer serve you.

As we go through these difficult times, we are accumulating low vibrational frequencies such as – fear and anxiety due to hardships currently at play in our reality. As we start to discover our true self and our real purpose, we connect that to that higher aspect of the self – the divine nature that creates all things.

My goal is to assist humanity by raising the vibrations and creating a New Earth full of Love and compassion.

Hope to see you at the next Lizian Market

Love and blessings Paul

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