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I must confess to having mixed emotions this week. I’m not someone who becomes angry very often. However, when my friend Claire said she’s be closing her business: my blood boiled.

Claire has worked hard to build her mushy pea stall on the Market for five years. The lockdown and the last few months of trading has dealt the final blow, and she’ll be closing the business.

Not only is Claire shutting down a loved project: she is also closing over ninety years of Nottingham tradition. Mushy peas and mint sauce is our local Haut cuisine delicacy. It’s only a bowl of peas softened in the bicarbonate of soda. However, it is an exceptionally healthy meal or snack.

The sadness is people are becoming concerned about travelling into the city. And Claire’s business has suffered from a lack of customers, like many thousands of small businesses. I’m concerned for thousands of small business around the country. And fear many will go the same way a Claire.

How will they cope?

Remember, for many small business owners, and the business is where friends and longterm relationships are made: and to see a business grow from scratch gives a beautiful feeling of attainment. One cannot overexpress the sense of wellbeing one feels from seeing the company thrive. And we do not always see profit as the main achievement. Yes! We have to make a living and make enough to buy stock. But to be in control of one’s life and have the discipline to make the enterprise work is very rewarding. So to see one’s business close, not from poor choices, but unexpected circumstance must be heartbreaking.

My concern goes further. During the last four months, eight businesses have closed in the Victoria Market in Nottingham. Most of those businesses employ two or three people. To my knowledge, only people who have lost their job have found reemployment – a frightening situation. And the market traders are mostly in the 40~60-year-old bracket and will find gaining employment difficult. After talking to one who I’ve known for fifteen years: I discovered she could not claim benefits or financial help from the government – no doubt this is a terrible situation.

As readers know: I do not deny the existence of C-19. And my views on the subject are known. But we are getting to the stage where small businesses owners are fighting for survival. And the aftermath of closing is often depression and physical illness.

Our ethos is based on helping people to become a Well Being. So, today my request is for people to consider helping small business owners. If you have a local baker, butcher and candlestick maker, why not consider shopping with them? You may have to spend a few pennies more per item. But, if they are local, you may not have to use transport and pay extra cash for parking.or even walk to the shop and benefit your health.

I know, I know, you’ve listened to it before: but it’s an essential thought. Help everyone you can. Kind words, offering security, and support is crucial at this time.

Next weekend we would have been running the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. And as many of you can see the format has become a success. We were delighted with interest both from Community Members and Visitors. Of course, we are in extraordinary times and the situation has now changed. But we will not give up with our policy of providing the best of service and connections for The Community and Stallholders. And we will be making an announcement about the Well Being Market on Tuesday.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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