The saying is ‘Rare as Diamonds’. What does this mean?

Are diamonds rare, and because of the rarity; the sparkling gem has excellent value? Or does this mean people are easily influenced by rhetoric and advertisers spin? Remember, billions of pounds a year are spent on diamonds. Why is this? Because they are rare, sparkle, or represent love? Indeed what the diamond means is worth more than the stone?

The diamond is not rare:

Google map software informs there are 467 cities on the planet. It is safe to write; each city has five jewellery shop. 5X467 = 2335 jewellery shops. Look in the window of a jewellery shop, and you’ll count at least 100 diamonds. So the most conservative guess there are 233500 diamonds on display around the world today. I have not included medium-sized towns; most have a jewellery shop. If we added one jewellery shop for every town into the calculation: the number of diamonds on display would become millions. Not only this: people the world over own and wear diamonds. And many have more than one. Are diamonds rare? Not by this calculation.

photo of person wearing silver diamond ring

However, we must not take away the beauty of a good diamond. The sparkle is like a shining star. When the light catches the facets: magic happens, most of us become captivated by the display. Few people sit back and think: it’s only a typical diamond, there are millions of them in the world, and the diamond is a form of carbon.

Many people will read so far and think. ‘I don’t believe this; diamonds are worth a fortune, I paid thousands for mine’. No matter the real worth of a diamond, the value has to be perceived as high. And the owner will not move from their belief the sparkling carbon in not rare. Such is life: once one believes in a value or an idea; even clear fact will not move them from the belief.

Wealth is a mindset.

This writer has no interest in attaining significant wealth. Although, I would love to win the Jackpot Euro or Lotto. What fun could be had playing with that fortune, and how many people’s lives could be changed after receiving an anonymous envelope containing ten grand? My mind boggles at the possibilities of giving away vast amounts of cash and watching some turn the windfall into happiness and others flitter it away on holidays, cars, trinkets, or even a diamond or two. I can imagine the joy provided by the 100 ten-grand envelopes. And the 1000 one-thousand pound handouts. And make no mistake, I’d give away a couple of million without a second thought. Just the idea of handing out the gifts brings me great happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with giving someone a small gift which would mean the world. A few pounds toward the grocery bill or a new pair of socks. The gift could be anything useful or something which is a token of love or caring. And the gift has more value than any diamond because it is given from the heart.

To give from the heart is better than giving something of great value. When we give from the heart, we have taken time to consider what would bring happiness to our loved one or friend. The small token is recognised as unique and represents a special bond. It seems to me; the most acceptable gifts are not given on birthdays or Christmas or special occasions. The randomness of a present is good a surprise gift is a diamond in disguise.

‘It is better to give than receive’

I know this to be true. I love to watch the smile and sometimes see bewilderment when someone receives a gift. But there is a strange gift I love to give, which means everything and costs nothing. It is a card which says ‘Your friendship is worth a million diamonds – I need nothing more’. And write the card with meaning and love and care. Make the person who receives this most beautiful of gifts understand this is your absolute gift of love and respect.

To write or say ‘Your friendship is worth a million diamonds – I need nothing more’ releases your friend from entering debt or spending money they do not have. And even if they could afford a small gift, it frees them from having to find something or hoping they have made the right choice. Or burdening themselves with ‘one extra thing’ to remember. 

We are in difficult times: and millions of people are concerned about the Christmas celebrations. There are those without work, recently made redundant, have had benefits reduced. All manner of financial issues are becoming part of peoples lives. And we’ll all have to face some hard facts in the years to come. I firmly believe for many of us, ‘Every Penny Will Count’ those who understand this will come through the storm, not without damage, but with a future.

Our work is focussed on wellbeing. There are growing concerns for the mental health of millions of people. And now is the time to work out how to makes one’s life as good as possible. When we are affected by uncertainty the future will seem bleak: and in uncertain times if we choose to face reality and make the best choices to survive in the future, the inner-being will become more settled. And don’t doubt there will be sacrifices to be made: the word sacrifice means ‘to become holy’, and this can be interpreted in many ways. In my mind, to be holy is to make the right choices, and I’ll make sacrifices if needed. Of course, this is a loose interpretation, but this is not important.

Diamonds will not put food on tables or pay the bills. They look great, but their uses end right there ( I do know about industrial diamonds ). The message is, don’t be fooled by all that sparkles, and this includes words and rhetoric. See the real value of everything around you and give from the heart.

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