Debbie Ison discusses Trauma ~ Today Debbie talks about Trauma. While listening to the podcast, you’ll discover every one of us experiences Trauma during their lives. Of course, the experience may be great or small, but there can be a longterm impact. Listeners will learn ideas of how to deal with the issue and also learn seeking help is an indication of powerful thought patterns, not a sign of weakness.

Subjects covered in the podcast:

Conflict, rape, any situation with heightened stressed/ emotions
Why does Trauma begin
When we think about PTSD we often think about the military and veterans, it is predominantly this group who experience Trauma?
Can affect any individual at any stage of their life.
How can people deal with this issue?
The therapies that can help.
Some people may feel a stigma or weakness in asking for help.
Getting support the individual is showing a sign of strength because they recognise they want something different for their life.
Debbie’s thought for the week ahead.

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