Moving On:

Moving on for some of us can be very difficult, we like to stay within our ‘safe zone’ of what we already know and love, as we don’t want the upset of change around us. Remember that change is a positive thing for us. 


Over our lives we will make significant choices, some of which we feel are correct at that moment in time, which they are correct for that specific time. But as with everything in our lives, things change, our live paths change too which means we need to look at other options around us. 

During the course of our lives, we have to make choices which very often affect others who are also in our lives, our family, our friends and others who are close to us. The impact of that change can be rather significant not only to us but also to those around us. So in order to make that decision we have to look at this in their own order, firstly – how will the change effect you, secondly – how will it affect others. 

Changes of relationships and work are the most significant changes in our lives which we will ever make. 

When a relationship isn’t right for us – it can not only impact us but also those who are close to us, family & children. So, we must do the right thing and make a change to bring about positive energy. This may mean walking away from the current relationship in order for you to find a new one, often its hard leaving what we already know behind us, but then think about what could be?.

Work issues can cause upset not only for us but also for our families also. So, make a change to a work relationship could bring about peace and harmony in your lives. Work changes bring about so much more to our lives, happier in your job means you are happier in your life and therefore your family are happier too. 

Over our lifespan changes will always happen, but using that inner Psychic ability will assist you making the right choice for everyone involved. Often moving house will bring about other changes in your life, maybe moving to be nearer to family?. 

Never doubt that whatever change you take on board, it will be good for you. Sometimes when we make that first change you won’t see the good side of it until you lived with it for a few weeks, but it will happen. 

So remember that moving on is good,  don’t stay stuck in the old, go with a move to the new you and it will open up many new doorways for you to advance and to be happier in your own life and also those around you.

Many Thanks – Barrie

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