Due to Government restrictions the Lincolnshire Market will not go ahead:

Listen to Liz Clark and Ian Timothy talking about the situation and plans for the future:

The Future:

We will continue to promote all events and work to The Community’s benefit by keeping stall fees lower and changing payment dates where payment will be due just 21 days before the event, and in the event of fees being refunded, we’ll refund minus £5 admin fee. 

We urge our Community Members and Stallholder to utilise the platforms we offer for 365 days a year connection to Visitors to LizianEvents News, currently experiencing 6-8000 visits each month – podcasts, videos, submissions, interviews – the Directory to list your business and websites/social media pages. 

Moving Forward:

We’re moving forward and looking ahead now to 2021 – keeping the Well Being Market format for next year at least – we believe its a strong brand and the ‘Market’ format has been shown (at Newark in September) to attract new Visitors.

The First 2021 Dates  

Dates for 2021 may include some further additions – we’re looking to expand the reach of Well Being Markets for 2021 and beyond, we know the format works, we have the infrastructure in place now to take the Well Being Markets to a wider audience and add more events to the LizianEvents Calendar.  (In the podcast I made a mistake and listed the first event as 14 + 15 February – in fact, the correct dates are 13 + 14 February).

February 13 + 14 – Lady Eastwood Centre, Newark Showground

June 5 + 6 – Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground

July 10 + 11 – Lady Eastwood Centre, Newark Showground

August 21 + 22 – Staffordshire County Showground

September 4 + 5 – Lady Eastwood Centre, Newark Showground

November 6 + 7 – Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground


It’s time to be strong, look to the future, work now for rewards next year, sow the seeds which we’ll continue to nurture and feed in order to reap a bountiful harvest – even gardeners have tasks over winter – preparing the ground, maintaining tools, planning when to sow seeds… so must we – prepare the ground, maintain connections, sow seeds of ideas and thoughts.

We thank you, the Community for your continued support, and we thank especially the Group Admins and Group Sharers for helping LizianEvents reach a wider audience.

For more information us the contact form below:


  1. Well done for having a go. The only failure would be in not trying.

    I think that your strategy of loading the shows into the second half of 2021, with only one in the first half, is shrewd. The Govt Furlough scheme is due to last until the end of March, stripping out most of the first half year shows seems wise.

    The “Market” branding seems an appropriate response to a period of trading restrictions, and provides a platform of sorts to the Community. It marginalises non-retail stands, as the public perception of a market is goods, but as soon as restrictions end, I assume that the Fair/ Festival branding will return.

    One of Lizian’s great strengths is branding and promotion. That is a long term job. So hopefully as restrictions ease into 2021, the collective promotional push for the second half of 2021 can gather pace. Public perception is critical. As is the proposition we offer them upon their return.

    • Many thanks Gary: We will continue to work along the lines as the last 12 months. It is difficult assess the long term outcomes of this crisis: my personal feeling is many people do not realise how difficult it will be to persuade Visitors to half baked or irresponsible organisations. Stallholders are wary and uncomfortable about the security and safety of stand fees etc: We have made the right and hard choices and feel this will help with the future: Many Thanks, Gary for your contributions and fair comments which are always used as springboards to new ideas and guide to the areas which need addressing: Ian

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