Debbie talks about the importance of understanding attachment. It is worth considering we do not always know of or understand many situations which affect our lives. By thinking about influential aspects of daily life, we sometimes can isolate and begin to understand the emotional difficulties which hinder the life experience.

In this podcast, Debbie guides the listener on how to understand why there is sometimes feelings of insecurity and distance from those we love. And once identified, Debbie, suggests ways to deal with the issue.

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Subjects Covered:

Feelings of security in relationships 
Caregivers and bonds
How attachment issues present themselves
Relationships in different contexts, insecurity, pushing people away, neediness etc
Dealing with this issue
Considering the inner child
Help for parents listening to the podcast and wondering how can they avoid
Inadvertently giving their children attachment issues
Some circumstances are beyond the individual control
Words to consider: warm, positive, encouraging, supportive, open discussion
Debbie’s thoughts for the week ahead

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