Debbie Ison talks about the influence of self-esteem: There are many aspects to esteem and the lack of esteem. Debbie considers the influence of esteem on daily life. It is interesting that we do not realise the limiting factors of daily life may no be acknowledged. Therefore even considering psychological influences can change one’s life for the better. Debbie prefers the podcast to be short, concise and easy listening. So invest thirty-minutes of your time into the subject of self-esteem.

The subjects covered are:

What is self-esteem
How self-esteem issues begin and what affects it
How do you identify if you have low self-esteem
Signs of low self-esteem discussed
How can people deal with the issue?
Inner voice
What benefits are there in improving your self-esteem?
The benefits of nurturing self-esteem
Have you a thought for the day or week ahead?
Kathleen’s analogy of a box

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