Alan Wood ~ Spiritual Thoughts – Popular Community Member Alan Wood talks about his Native American Indian friends over in America. As many of you will know, Alan travels to America to meet and work with the elders and members of the tribes. For obvious reasons, Alan has not travelled this year, although, he still keeps in touch with his many friends over the water.

In the podcast, Alan initially talks about the history of the tribes and how they are no strangers to outbreaks of diseases which decimated the proud nation. There are hard lessons to listen to Alan’s introduction. Alan subtlety suggests we can learn from the thousands of years of the great tribe’s evolution.

Alan Performs a Smudging Ceremony

The conversation follows many avenues: Alan considered the idea that the situation humankind finds itself in today is only a fraction of the evolutionary process. Alan suggests we have to look beyond this moment and see the bigger picture. He accepts this is not easy, but Alan is one of the first people I have spoken too, who considers the crisis from this perspective.

Alan is insistent that people can benefit from searching for and trying to understand their spiritual self. His message is, there is a bigger picture to consider and strengthening resolve and evaluating one’s spiritual self can bring great peace in a troubled world.

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