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I have worked out a simplified online business promotion workshop for anyone interested (four places available). There is no charge for the seminar: although I would prefer to work with Community Members as their stall fees contribute to LizianEvents News.

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The workshop takes place within three one hour modules. We will consider ways to promote our work and gain maximum awareness and traction. Attendees will be taught about organic reach and the need for consistency in this area. Consideration is given to the critical aspect of images and SEO integration: essential elements of long term visibility. 

Attendees will learn how to monopolise on work, and they will be provided with a firm understanding of website design and why so many sites will NEVER produce rewards. Be prepared for sobering statistics: a poorly designed website is, in fact, a waste of money.

I’m confident anyone who gives three hours of their time will gain immense insight and reward from working with me on this online workshop. There is no charge for the workshop: Although before signing up for the seminars, you must commit to the three one hour sessions. If you feel that you will not fulfil the obligation, do not send in your request.

Email me from the link below.  In the email tell me why you’d like to become part of the online workshop.

Many Thanks – Ian

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