The last year has been a tough one for most. We’ve all had our struggles, and we’ve all tried to get through as best we can. With this third lockdown, some people are weary and starting to really struggle. We are all missing friends and family. We are all struggling with living a very cocooned life at the moment without our days out and holidays and meals out.

As I sit here and think about what I could have done better this year to make it easier for me? I ponder on what I’ve actually achieved this year? As I look back, I realise that there have been some great achievements for me. I’ve been able to get into my garden and grow fruit and veg again. I’ve connected more with my partner, and we’ve both respected each other’s space. I’ll work downstairs, Claud upstairs. Both meet in the middle on the sofa ‘after work’ for dinner and relaxation time.  Cups of tea passed upstairs with the cats rampaging about, making their mummy choices of who to spend their relaxing time with. I did some work in bed the other day, whilst Claud shot Zombies (on her video game) after a challenging week working in the NHS. To have Rambo cat climb all over me on a video call.

The little things have become too big things to look forward too. Such as our weekly visit to our outdoor donation farm shop. Making new friends along the way. Grateful for going for walks around the lakes and park we live opposite.  

I’ve adapted and succeeded. Don’t get me wrong; at times, there has been a worry, struggle, loss and uncertainty—resilience and perseverance, belief, and trust. The universe provides idea has been the key for me. Plus a little magic making and intent.  Without financial help from the government, my self-employment survival meant I transferred all my workshops to online – something which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve managed to create and help a group of people develop themselves and become more reliant on their own strengths. I feel I’ve been able to help to empower them.

With my Tarot Readings, through networking, reputation, word of mouth, and good social media use. I’ve also increased my international reach to places (such as Hong Kong, Australia and the USA) doing more online readings. I’ve started up a successful Publishing company (Fenix Flames Publishing) with my business partner. 

When you look back over the year you’ve had, there will be great things. You may have got to spend more family time with the kids, or you may have really got to know your neighbour because she was on her own and needed help. You may have learnt a new skill, read that book you have meant to read for ages. Even got a new qualification.  

Some people have felt more relaxed due to working from home. Not having to leave the house every morning at 7 am to get to work. Being able to have an actual breakfast before they start work. It is easier for some to neglect their own wellbeing, ambitions and survival than invest in it. 

Looking at the world around you and the beauty it holds. This in itself this year has created a lot more relaxation. Just stepping into a forest or walking on a beach will give you a sense of calm and feeling of freedom. Taking those moments that we never had time or chance to do before I feel have changed us. I don’t think we can go back to this ‘new normal’ that everyone is banding about. When I look at what we’ve been through this year, I don’t think I really want to go back to a new normal. I want to be in a world where people appreciate each other more, where we are helping out the neighbour down the road. A place where we do go out into nature and look after it. Taking care of Mother Earth, our home. One where you do want to say hello to people as you walk past them. One where people are respectful of other peoples space. Don’t get me wrong I do want the restaurants and shops to open back up, but I want to support more independent shops and restaurants. I do want to enjoy time with friends and family, but I’d like to live a more eco-lifestyle and a more respectful one. 

I think for all of us that are struggling, realise you’re not the only ones. There are others out there that are struggling too; we all have our bad moments and days. Open your mind and heart to help those that are. Call your single friends, and family get them onto an online chat. Look up into the sky, watch the clouds, enjoy this time. If you are struggling, reach out to others, they will be there for you too. If this doesn’t help, do what I’ve just done and write down what you’ve done in the last year. Put it down on pieces of paper, put them into a jar, box or hat. Then next time you are feeling down, take one out and look at it. Remember the feeling. Feel yourself smile again. Work out what you want for your future do you really want to go back to Normal or make changes to make it a better normal that we can rebuild from…….. the Sun always shines another day, and the moon always rises. Live your best life.

Angela Barker

More About Angela and Her Business Fenix Flames:

Fenix Flames was founded by two friends Sarah Louise Kay and Angela Barker. With over 20 years of experience in Paganism. Sarah’s unexpected passing in January 2019, brought the Pagan community together to celebrate her life. Fenix continues as a dedication to her light for others.

Angela comes from a gypsy background, is a professional Tarot Reader and has a passion for using candles, herbs, crystals and oils within her magical work. Sarah’s speciality was making herbal incense, bath salts, soaps and oils. She left her legacy of recipes. We sell homemade bespoke products all made from our own recipes which we have tried and tested over the years.

Visitors are sure to enjoy a warm welcome when visiting the Fenix Flames stall. You will find Angela has immense knowledge of the Pagan culture. Many followers of the Pagan path seem to enjoy wonderful wellbeing and happiness. Angela is now joined by Ashely Mortimer who has become a major contributor to this growing brand:

Fenix Flames Website:

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