I have been asked to put out the video recording of Thursday (04:03:21) Evening’s LizianShop Live. I won’t bore you with the details: as there is plenty of information on other posts and Facebook about the issue. Lisa Davies was a guest on the show. Lisa has a great following and many people expressed interest in watching the episode.

If you have an interest in Chakras there is plenty of information about this ancient system in the LizianShop Live. And of course there are references to crystals available at the LizianShop. Watch the recording below:

During this LizianShop Live Liz presents three ‘Introduction to Chakras’ videos. The total run time is nine minutes. If you wish to watch them again here are the three videos spliced together:

During the LizianShop Live Liz makes reference to her Chakra meditation which is available for free download: Click the image to download the meditation: there is no charge and the download link is 101% secure:

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Many thanks for your interest in the LizianShop Live and enjoy the whole recording: the chakra video and the meditation. Enjoy your week and stay positive: the world is changing and your positive actions not only help you to realise goals and ambitions. Remember, ‘Positive Vibes’ make the world a better place and improve people’s wellbeing.

See You Soon

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