It was a busy week, and we are watching the booking forms fly into HQ. I confidently predict we’ll be enjoying full houses at every event this year. What is very interesting is the Visitor interest. Many online ticket sales are already coming through, and this is obviously very encouraging. With no let-up in enthusiasm, there is plenty to look forward too in 2021.

Ian and I are working through possible template changes on LizianEvents News. While we love change and evolution: we feel the look and the present style of LEN will stay as it is for the moment. While reader numbers and submissions continue to grow, there seems little point in changing the accepted format.

Readers will see the major revamp of this daily newsletter — the result of two months of planning and testing.

Anything New To Say? Let Us Know

Writing about the format: Ian will undertake the colossal task of updating Community Members profiles during the next weeks. He will also be updating event pages and Community listings on the event pages. So if Community Members have any new information to add to their profiles, contact us with updates and changes.

Some of you know LizianShop Live was hit with a Facebook strikeout on Thursday. Facebook took us off the air for an apparent copyright infringement. It is a pity it was a brilliant show, and Lisa Davis sparkled as my special guest. You can read about the issue on a Weblog Ian wrote on his WordPress site. It makes for interesting reading and demonstrates how spyware is efficient at seeing copyright infringement and when the spyware gets it wrong: the innocent suffer. Click the link below to read the article.

Ian’s Article Link

No matter, we will continue to produce a groundbreaking Facebook Live. With video items, special offers and crystal talk. And this week’s special guest is Mr Barrie John. He’ll be talking about his work and his thoughts on crystals. I must confess the LizianShop Live’s are worth the effort. And we’ll be using the format more often over the coming weeks. Building the studio was a worthwhile expense, and it will pay dividends as the months pass by.

Barrie John and Liz Clark: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Barrie Will Join Me This Week on LizianShop Live – Thursday at 7:00 PM

Something worthy of note is the way longer days affect our wellbeing. One always seems to look forward to the day ahead when waking up to daylight and eating the last meal a day without the lights on in the kitchen. Goodness knows we have experienced some dark and difficult days over the last twelve months. But like the sentiment of George Harrison song,’ All Things Must Pass’ we know this to be true. And rather than write another hundred words to fill your Sunday morning: I’m asking Ian to embed George’s song to this post.

Enjoy Your Week

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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