You will be able to meet Alan at Well Being Events. His stand ‘Native American Traditions’ will have a good selection of traditional Native American products for sale.

Alan will be demonstrating the authentic smudging ceremony (weather permitting) and anyone with an interest in this ancient ceremony will learn interesting facts behind the cleansing and healing ritual.

Visitors can also review some of Alan’s artwork. He has become a popular artist because his work contains the accurate symbolism of the Native American ways. There is mort to the artwork than at first meets the eye. His work requires careful meditation, and it rewards with great insight. Of particular interest is the ‘meeting’ images.

Alan is dedicated to understanding the Native American Traditions and has gained many friends on his American travels. He has visited many of the reservations and has been privileged to witness the rituals of the elders. And he has permission to demonstrate the ways of the nations.

The Flute Player

Alan always has time to explain about the traditions and the ways of the tribes. He is currently writing a book about the history and the ways of the Indian nations. It will be a comprehensive guide and easy to follow. For anyone on a shamanic journey, talking to Alan is an absolute must!

You’ll love talking to Alan at any Well Being Event. He is a kind and generous man and his love and dedication to his chosen subject shine through. So whether it is products, art or information about the Native American – Native American Traditions – Alan Wood is here to inform and help.

Alan Wood: Smudging: LizianEvents Ltd

Alan Wood

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