Feng Shui is a big subject and one which has, like all esoteric subjects, no hard and fast parameters. I first read a book on Feng Shui written by Lillian Too. She is the world’s most prolific writer on the subject, having written over 60 Feng Shui books.

Lillian mentions all manner of Feng Shui tools and lifestyles. I confess to being a Feng Shui addict! And I chose to sell all of my superfluous possessions at the beginning of 2021. As the piles of items dissolve: my finances benefit, no surprise here: however, with the intent of becoming more secure, the magic of Feng Shui seems to be activated.

Lillian Too used to have a habit of giving all of her possessions away on her birthday. She is convinced the generous act brings more wealth over the following year. Not only material wealth, but she also gains many loyal friends from the giving of expensive items (Lillian is a very wealthy woman: she was the first woman president of a Hong Kong bank). She also gains the love and respect of all who witness her generosity and undoubted kindness.

In her book, she writes everything from water features to garden pools and how to place your Buddha figures to your best advantage. One item she and many other Feng Shui specialists consider in their writing is The Three-Legged Frog (or Toad!). It does not matter too much about the name; it is the purpose or intent of the possession of our friend, which matters.

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Luck Comes in Many Guises

He doesn’t have a name. He is known as ‘Frog’. And that is fine by him: how do I know? I just do! He is looked after. Never a speck of dust, nor is he positioned in a dusty or untidy area. Feng Shui doesn’t work well in untidy or cluttered spaces.

There are many ideas about wealth corners. Most people say the far left corner from the perspective of the main door to the room. You may ask, ‘Yes, but what if the room has more than one door. Well, the secret is the first door you would use after entering the house. Of course, many Feng Shui reference the wealth corner being in the southernmost area of the home. And either a sailing ship containing coins or an aquarium should be sited in the southern area. Whatever is easiest and feels best will work for you.

Lillian Too says the frogs like to hop around! And this is an important idea. Why not move your frog around the house or room and make him happy. After all, merchants travel and wealth is only gained and maintained from positive activity. Wealth from a negative activity is rarely maintained: an important point to remember when working with Feng Shui. As the way we live is reflected in the outcomes of all aspects of life’s enjoyment. However, try to keep your frog looking in a southerly direction. And do not put him on the floor or near an outside door: because as Lillian says, ‘They are frogs and they like to hop about.

So if you haven’t a three-legged frog: here is a picture of ours. He is a very lucky frog and has bought us great fortune and security. And I have no doubt: if you say hello to him: he’ll pass on a little bit of happiness to you today!

See You Soon 🙂

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