This year is flying by, and we can bet there are millions of people who will desire the days to pass with great speed. Many believe the way to the stars is progress, and I’m one of those people. We have lived a distorted time frame for months, and we can be sure as the doors to the country reopen, the pace will seem faster. Prepare for the future, not reflect on the past. Those of you who wish to look to possible about-turns are entitled to an opinion. But do not bring them to this house or Community. Becoming a Well Being is a positive act, and a Well Being never gives up being within the great possibilities ahead.

Where there is freedom from fear, there is good fortune. Where fear resides, there can only be failures. What ifs? And maybes, have no part in our future. We can offer olive leaves and draw the line through past differences and make the future great, or we can look at past actions and see staying doggedly with old and ingrained ideas. Ian and I know the way we choose. All we have is available to those who wish to be part of the Well Being Brand. There can be no misunderstandings. We are going to keep on pushing in any way to grow awareness of the Well Being Events. And we will promote and highlight anyone who is part of the events.

April will see the beginning of our LizianEvents live streams. Initially, we’ll be pushing these out weekly – our guests will, of course, be Community Members. What a fantastic opportunity to promote their work and the Well Being Market. We have to work hard now to encourage our Community’s endeavours. Be in no doubt; sharing is more than caring! Sharing is about survival and awareness. I’m amazed at the Community’s connectivity: the support and drive of everyone involved higher than ever known: this has to be seen as a positive sign to the future.

As many will know, I’m producing Lizian Crystal and Incense Shop Live’s, I’m now in my fifth week of presenting the show. No doubt they are growing in momentum. The format is different from most lives, but the effort is worth the return, and my guests are gaining a new audience from being on the show. If you feel you have something to offer:

  1. Join the show and talk about yourself and your work.
  2. Remember, any promotion will help you revitalise your social media and networking presence.
  3. Have some fun, meet new friends and show the world we have a great future ahead.

Amazing Frog:

Friday’s(26:03:21) post centred on the Chinese symbol of prosperity ”The Three-Legged Frog”. I wondered if the article would appeal and confess to being amazed that over two hundred visitors read the post! This is evidence that people are interested in many aspects of Well Being and Feng Shui. While not the dominant elements of my life, I consider Feng Shui’s many factors when setting out the events floor plan! And those who know anything about Feng Shui will see the influence when visiting the LizianShop.

Well, enjoy your week. Stay positive and progressive. Try to keep away from anything uncertain and look to the future. There are many days of uncertainty behind us: and what could be better than demonstrating strength and fortitude to people on unsteady footings? After all, this is the guiding principle of The Well Being Community: The principle of showing people how to become Well Beings.

Have a good well-being week – See you very soon:

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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