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TV’s Humans Lie Detector – Psychologist Mr Darren Stanton

Presents an evening of inspirational thoughts and ideas
Entertaining and motivating
Not to be missed

Why Attend?

Attendees will begin the company of three of this country’s most inspirational thinkers. Each one will come to the stage and present their ideas for the future. The powerful aspect of this event is the speakers will really fire your imagination to the potentials available in the coming months.

The Guests

Buckso Dillion
Television and Stage Actor

Buckso is a television actor and stage performer: Acting in shows and films such as Coronation Street: Alladin and Zebra Girl. She also is a unique and contemporary life coach. During this evening’s event, Buckso will inspire you to see the possibilities available to your future. There can be no doubt Buckso will become a national treasure as an inspirational thinker: truly able to make her audience review their lives and see their magical potentials.

Buckso’s Website

Gary Whit
The Urban Monk

Prepared to be amazed at the story about a 3000-mile epiphany. Gary drove across America, and at the end of the journey, he realised something which had evaded him for a lifetime. He realised how quickly life passes by and how much we miss that will benefit our existence. His story is one of difficulties and setbacks transformed into a life of ability and potential. His story will truly help the audience to see the world from a different perspective.

Mr Barrie John
Spiritual Medium

Barrie is one of the UK’s finest Mediums. A much loved television presenter and radio guest. His talks about after-life and the paranormal inspire and uplift. Barrie knows there are many who believe his work does not have a place in contemporary society. However he will be at this event to demonstrate how strong spiritual beliefs can help with everyday aspects of life. Barrie is an incredibly successful man: he has worked for charities, diversification groups and in the highest echelons of UK industry. Many of course remember him form televisions Most Haunted. You will love his kind nature and affable approach to this event.

Barrie’s Website

Watch The Introduction Video

With Special Guests
Buckso Dillion – Television and Stage Actor
Gary Whit – The Urban Monk
Barrie John – The Country’s Leading Medium

Plus Musical Guest: ‘Pixie’

Bound to be a great event – One not to be Missed

19th May
Beck St

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