Today, I will write about how people are preparing to negotiate the future. I believe that many people are more prepared for the future than they imagine. However, many people will find the coming months challenging to negotiate, and with this in mind, I will consider how people can find a better outlook on the future.

The first thing to consider is that we have not lost any of the memories which can help us negotiate daily life. There will, of course, be many people who have continued to work throughout the lockdown, and they will be already in an excellent place to continue to work and act as expected.

But for those of you who have had extended lockdown, I would guide you to think about the positive aspects of the future and attempt to draw lines through speculation or speculative ideas.

It is so easy to listen to people, possibly friends, who have strong points of view although their ideas may not be as excellent as one imagines. Therefore the first pointer towards living or improving one’s life in the future is to reflect carefully. Or even research the ideas which are being presented. Of course, you do not have to confront your friends with opposing views or even that you have researched their points of view and discovered them to be flawed.

Just by knowing the situation’s reality, you will find that you become more comfortable, and doubts clearly will disappear. Indeed, we know for sure that when one has a full grasp of any situation, one can make better choices. And be able to negotiate out of difficult situations.

The second aspect of the future is to be sure that you have a defined idea of what you wish to achieve ahead of time. I accept that there is much uncertainty at this time, and many people do not believe that there is any way we can predict the future. I would argue that we make our destinies by the acts and choices that we make daily.

Of course, you will know this idea as the ‘power of now’. My suggestion, though, is to give yourself clear and defined ways of actual life. Give yourself time to think about a subject rather than be rushed into it. Give yourself time to strengthen the mind. See what is right for you. Many people find themselves in difficulty because they run into a situation without knowing the problems or possibilities involved. The saying getting out of one’s depth is significant to consider in this article.

The suggestion here is to work within known limitations. Try not to get yourself into situations in which generally you would not become involved. Maybe, you are concerned about a new job, and you decide that anything is better than nothing. And this, indeed, is a reasonable policy to undertake. Because any position may be better than nothing at all, however, it would seem silly to take on a menial job when your capacity uses management standards. It is effortless to go down the ladder. It may be more difficult to climb it again. 

I am not writing that many of us will take every opportunity which becomes available. I am suggesting that we should set our standards or our needs reasonably high. Do not put yourself in a position where some months along the line, you punish yourself for not having the patience to find a situation that is in line with your capabilities.

Friends and family will be supportive whenever they can see that effort is being made to pick oneself up from difficult situations. But remember, it is essential to be seen to be working in the right way, not in a way that seems without sense. In the same vein, friends and family soon become tired of people who are not showing the effort to make positive changes to their lives.

During the new beginnings ahead of us, anyone prepared to show great responsibility will be in a better position than those who choose to be supported. I am confident that many will find this problematic standpoint. But as a psychologist, I think it’s essential to pushing the boundaries of thought, especially when one is writing about the future. It is of little point just considering the easy ways of life. By pressing the edges and opening the mind to the difficulties ahead, we also exercise the mind to become strong and courageous.

Sharing one’s ideas indicates excellent strength and fortitude. I believe the future will be perfect for those who can interact in closeness and without fear of losing their position. There will be many future situations where people who have been generous with ideas and have kept people together will be seen in a good light. There is no room at this present time for selfishness or considering one’s future is paramount. I cannot overemphasise the potentials of sharing and demonstrating care for one’s community.

Take each day as it comes. Don’t look too deeply into the future. Do not become speculative if you are uncertain, then do not enter into the situation. You need to take adequate rest and not overburden yourself with problems beyond your control. Think about the simple ideas put forward in this short article.

I will offer one final piece of advice. Do not find yourself putting things off too often. If you are going to start on any project, begin it and do not allow yourself to be in a situation of reflection where you look back and think: ‘I wish I’d have done that’.

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