It is with the greatest of sadness we announce the passing of a dear and personal friend Mr Mike McGill

Memories of a brilliant day in The Lake District – Mike had just guided us over a seven mile hike!

Liz and I have many memories of Mike meeting him in the early BSSK days, he and his wife Anne, soon become firm friends. From the early days of Well Being Events, Mike and Ann helped and advised. Mike sold his mini Colloidal silver unit at the events and later looked after our book and information stand. Outside of the events we went to presentations together, visited his home and spent time with Ann and Mike at their beautiful Lake District home.

Mike was a man of many talents. He enjoyed a successful RAF career serving with the Shackleton aircraft. After leaving the airforce he built a successful finance consultancy. When he finally retired Mike was to be seen at MBS and Well Being Events around the country. He and Anne enjoyed travelling to the yearly PROBE conferences.

Literally hundreds of people will remember Mike from the events. And I am certain he will be missed for his character and smile. Mike could be a cheeky man who loved a laugh and as I can testify, a pint or two! He would captivate with memories of the past and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge. I can never remember Mike criticising anyone: in fact the opposite, Mike saw the best in people not their faults.

Mike will be missed by everyone who knew him. He was a man of upmost integrity, generosity and kindness. Liz and I are proud to know him as a loyal and wonderful friend: Mike McGill will always be alive in our hearts and minds.

Thoughts are now to Ann and family during this time.

Ian and Liz

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