We would not usually place a ‘thank you’ on LizianEvents News about The LizianShop. However, the thank you is here because of the staggering number of customers who purchased from us this week.

It is an overwhelming acknowledgement of how many people wish to enjoy moving out of restrictions. Without a doubt, people have so much gratitude for the freedom they are experiencing. Another exciting aspect is how many customers are sticking rigidly to social distancing and safety rules: they know the limitations and follow them without question.

Another aspect is there are so many new customers. Of course, we have to ask how they have found us: and the answer is from LizianEvents News and Lizian Crystal and Incense Shop Media streams.

Furthermore, the references made by customers to the Newark Well Being Market are beyond all expectations. We see the return of customers to LizianShop as a good indication of the potential for good Visitors numbers at Newark Well Being Market. And we are highly optimistic about the success of the event.

The response to the Presentation streaming announcement is nothing short of amazing. We immediately had numerous requests to present a live stream. With this in mind, the presentation list will be moved forward to Tuesday, and the final list will go out to the mailing list on Wednesday night.

We will also make the additions to the attending exhibitor list early next week. With only limited space available. It is essential to provide a balanced exhibitor list at this market event. There is a difficult balance to give the specified area around each stall. Many will know, The Lady Eastwood Centre is a vast building. Even so, with the social distancing regulations, we only have limited stall allocation.

The June Lincolnshire Well Being Market looks as if it will be an extraordinary event. There will be a full talk and presentation program at this event. We will continue with the streaming of specific talks and presentations. In early conversations with the management and close scrutiny of the regulations applicable in June, we’ll see a magnificent event.

In Conclusion:

Many thanks to the stream of customers returning to the LizianShop this week. And many thanks to the exhibitors who are showing interest in every event for the coming year. There is reason for great optimism for the future. We know there will be many who are cautious regarding groups and attendance at this time. All of us will welcome you back later in the year. Those who choose to attend the Newark Well Being Market during the weekend of 24 + 25 April: You can be assured of an exceptional event.

Many Thanks to All Supporters


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