Many people begin a project only to feel failure when hundreds of hours of effort come to nought. And then, the assessment of the setback comes into mind. One considers the plan, the idea, the desire and wonders where it went wrong.

Some will comment, ‘ A setback is a learning, a lesson to help with future ideas and success’. In time this idea wears thin and becomes a prop without a line to support it. How many lessons can be learned before success is enjoyed?

If one looks at people who seem to succeed: and review their attitude and methods with care. It soon becomes evident that they have an effortless nature. If you ask, and I invite you to ask, ‘How did you become successful?’ Their answer will be ‘I do not know’.

Because the secret is not knowing the process of any success. We can evidence this in the certainty thousands of people attain the same ‘qualification’, and only a few excel in the subject. Why would this be so? Could it be that they have the knowledge to process the issue and allow the wisdom to mature?

A theory named The Sturgeon Theory implies ‘Only 10% of anything is of any use’. Theodore Sturgeon suggests that 90% of everything produced is not of beneficial standard and is bound to become a memory. A casual scan through a library or Amazon Prime will confirm this idea has merit. A close look at your possessions will reveal, you only wear a small promotion of a wardrobe, and most possessions are rarely (if ever) used.

The Sturgeon Theory allows us to accept many things we work on will not be worthwhile. But do not become depressed by this idea. It is a theory that can be the secret to incredible success. And a potent change of attitude.

A Secret?

Every day I sit for a few minutes with my right palm resting over my heart. I talk to my heart and ask what our desire is. What is it that we need in our life? I know that the need is not material. It never has been. So I ask my heart what is it needs. And during the connection to my heart, there are answers and guidance.

My heart knows: many of my actions will fail. There will be changes and diversions. Certain situations will deflect from my hearts needs. But my heart always informs: it always rewards.

During life, there will be times when we cause immense pain to others. They may not have our strength to accept the truth: revealing the truth can be the ruination of a relationship, friendship or bond of trust. It is because our perception will never mirror another heart. It can be in close alignment: but never the same.

And if the heart is weak, it will not be able to recognise the moment or situation. And because it is hurt, it will attempt to protect itself. And the love of the heart is diminished. Feelings of wrongdoing and injustice flow through the body with blood without life force.

When I place my hand on my heart and ask, ‘What do we need?’ there is a resonance. A symbiotic beauty of self-acknowledgement. My heart says, ‘Let the anguish be seen for what it is: it is self-destruction: illness and restrictive’. My heart seeks freedom: freedom from anything which does not align itself with happiness. This means I unconditionally release all concerns for the acts or words of others. They have their own heart, their own mind, actions and words. And their words, deeds and mind cannot influence my wellbeing. 

When one resonates with one’s heart, magic happens. Because everything which is done is not seen as a challenge or a means to an end. Everything I do is rewarded with feelings of accomplishment. There may be tangible and sometimes expensive setbacks. But I do nothing that my heart does not need.

If my heart desires freedom: then it can be free with those who accept my many faults. My heart does not judge: it allows my thinking mind to make the decisions to keep us free. My heart desires to be free, and freedom is within the right and fair thinking. And right and appropriate thinking are often hard to accept.

All of us know someone who died of a broken heart. Without the love or bonding of their chosen love, they feel despair beyond life. Thankfully, few suffer this fate of love: choosing to live two lives: their own and their lost life. When we talk to our heart: it becomes solid and resolute. It rewards with mysterious and beautiful magic. And when our heart is firm, we can climb any hurdle and face any fear, any loss. And this is the key to success: all success.

And when we watch the successful, we become aware they follow their heart. They do not set goals. There is no need to do so. They accept many times, their expenditure and effort will come to nought. They follow the heart and act not for material reward but inner accomplishment. They have a gardener’s mind: most that is cultivated will reward for a time and wither. A gardener will spend hundreds each year on plants and seeds and bulbs which have a season and die. It is not the moments of the glory of a flower that is the accomplishment: it is the preparation of soil, working with nature.

And, of course, the gardener knows all will eventually be barren. She listens to her heart, sacrificing the hours of toil to grow a flower, vegetable or magnificent tree. She follows her heart.

This is the secret of all success: if accomplishment is gauged in gold: one can never be satisfied. When one’s heart knows there is a resonance with its needs: every aspect of life is rewarded.

Ian Timothy


    Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of writing Ian Timothy xx

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