The presentation list for The Newark Well Being is different to any previous schedule. However, the audience will only be six people in the presentation studio. The potential audience from streaming will be an audience of hundreds. Visitors can either watch the presentations in real-time on the Facebook link during the Well Being Market, or they can rewatch at any time after the Newark Well Being Market is over.

Open Talk Area: Newark MBS: LizianEvents Ltd

Above is a reminder or the popular small talk areas used at the Cedric Ford Pavilion

The Presentation List:


11am John Richardson – Purple Church Meditation

12 Brigitte Rix – Wonderful French lady talks about her new channelled book

1pm Steven Blake – OldPain2Go

2pm Jane Osbourne – Past Life Regression therapy

3pm Paul Stevenson – Motivate your life

4pm Darren Stanton – Navigate your world


11am Robert Glenton – Mental health in the community

12 Philip Underwood – See the world for what it is

1pm Roz Johnson – Herbal wellbeing

2pm Debbie Ison – Life coach and alternative therapy training

3pm Alan Wood – North American Traditions

There will also be small presentation areas available:

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