Today we will be running talks on the LizianEvents Facebook page centred on this weekends Well Being Market at The Lady Eastwood Centre Newark Show Ground. This is also an excellent way of testing our live stream for the presentations schedule broadcast during the event. Should be an interesting day today – Great guests and interesting points of view! Enjoy the day.

Many people are enthusiastic about the weekend Market, and we thought it would be nice to listen to Community Member and Exhibitor thoughts about the first Well Being market of 2021. Goodness knows we deserve to enjoy opening doors and the new freedoms after these unprecedented fourteen months of difficulties.

Today Ian and Liz will be talking to guests about the Well Being Market and what Visitors can expect from the event. If you have any questions about the event: you can send your questions during the ‘Lives’ or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Lives will be as follows:

10:00 – Ian talks to John Richardson
12:00 – Ian talks to Darren Stanton
14:00 – Ian talks to Angela Barker

At 19:00 this evening Liz will be talking to:

Kirstie Wood
Cam and Carol Wallace
Barrie John

Today, you can watch a whole day of interaction about the Newark Well Being Market: this has to be a real introduction to this year’s calendar of events. We deserve to enjoy the year ahead and the Well Being happiness.

Any Questions For Today? Use the form below:

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