Market Guide

Social distancing rules apply:

The rule of six means groups of no more than six people are allowed.

If there is a queue at the entrance please keep two metres apart.

There will be a track and trace register at the reception: send a text to the number on arrival with the word ‘arrive’ and on leaving send another text with the word ‘left’. This is an agreed protocol and works well for track and trace. All numbers are deleted 21 days following the event. No numbers are harvested: they are stored for track and trace purposes only.

When eating food please eat outside of the venue: We expect good weather, and Visitors to the September Well Being Market were happy to eat their food in cars. Please be flexible.

Toilet facilities are cleaned hourly.

Contact points are cleaned on a regular basis.

Stall holders will have hand sanitiser on their stall.

The presentation studio can only have six people in the audience. We do not operate a booking system: Seats are on a first come first served basis. Although the talk presentations can be watched in real time on LizianEvents Facebook page. And all presentations are available after the event from this platform.

There is unlimited parking for this event. And there is no charge for parking at any event organised by LizianEvents.

There will be ample guideline posters set up around the Lady Eastwood Centre. If there are any issues staff will be available to deal with questions.

We have all endured 14 months of regulations and safety guidelines. So it is fair to say we understand the systems require to live a secure existence. Of course there are compromises to be made for LizianEvents to organise the Newark Well Being Market. And we thank you for your faith in coming to the Market and your understanding of the limitations.

Thank you for coming to the market.


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