Well it has been a long journey.

The sixty people who will be standing at the Newark Well Being Market this weekend are demonstrating a real faith in the future of our country. And Yes! I do mean this country, not the future of events.

It takes a great deal of courage and determination to take this brave and bold step into the future. After all, there are many people who are standing after a year without trading. I know there re many people who have chosen to close the businesses and feel there is no way the future can be assessed. But, when has the future ever been seen? None of us know the eventual outcome of life: it is all a mystery.

Goodness, we have had to make many compromises to make this market work. And the reality is Visitors will not expect an all-out Well Being Show. Indeed, this is why we have sent out so many emails to Visitors. We do not want them to be in any doubt about the way the Newark Well Being Market is organized.

Images from previous a 2019 Newark Well Being Show

Some say there will be no return to the ‘old ways’ or the ‘past’. But has there ever been a time in all history where we can return to the past? Of course not! Our lives evolve and there are memories of happiness and one’s of great grief. That is the way of human existence. Nothing can take us away from the reality of life.

Consider this thought, no, hang on to this thought. Everyone who will be part of the Newark Well Being Market this coming weekend is making a commitment to their future. And they make the statement that no matter what the future holds, they are prepared to become involved in something which is rewarding both for them and their customers. And truth to tell: they are the start of a recovery and should be proud of their intention to live and enjoy life.

Of course, there will be many who cannot attend because of health limitations. But for them, the community and exhibitors are demonstrating they will be there for them in the future. And this brings great hope to those who continue to be in a limited situation.

This weekend is a great marker to the future. We should not consider any future possibilities. Winners work with what they have and what is current. If there are hurdles ahead, then we know we are capable of dealing with the limitations. This weekend proves this to be an accurate statement.

Pictures Tell A Hundred Stories

Whoever comes to this weekends Newark Well Being Market will enjoy the event. They will make the best of what is in effect the first event of this type in this country. All of you, Community and stall holders and Visitors: can be justly proud of you fortitude and endeavour.

Have a great weekend:

Liz and Ian

The Market is Dedicated to the Memory
Mike McGill
A Stalwart Supporter

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