Debbie’s presentation is an interesting delve into the formal teaching of counsellor and the spiritual ideas of spiritual anchors. Debbie offers the suggestion that conflicting spiritual ties can affect one’s daily existence. We come to expect a defined and balanced appraisal during any of Debbie’s presentations, and this one is no exception. Although, it is an exceptional thesis.

Enjoy Debbie’s talk:

Debbie’s Website Link Here

We will be putting the Live Stream videos on LizianEvents News for those who missed the live stream. The success of this new aspect of the promotion is undeniable. Statistics for the first week of previews has seen over 1500 people watch the presentations worldwide.

There is no possible way a presenter can reach such a phenomenal audience at any event. Therefore we will be continuing to Live-Stream at all Well Being Brand and Pure Spirit Shows in the future. The next stage is to introduce professional broadcast equipment into the broadcast studios at the events. This will mean presenters can have their Brand and links placed on the stream in real-time.

For everyone concerned this is a brilliant promotional opportunity and no doubt will increase the visibility of The Well Being Markets and Shows.

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