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Inevitably, I will refer to last weekend’s Newark Well Being Market. I review the event as an overwhelming success. Although, the tennis and football matches took their toll: and there was also the Newark book festival running as well! It is fair to write even with the lower numbers directly attributed to sports, there is plenty to celebrate.

One question I was asked ‘Liz, do you think three events nearby over two months affected the footfall?’. My reply is a firm ‘No’ the interest in our Well Being events is outstanding. Do not forget, we have a great blend of new and current Community Members. The attendance of over seventy different stands made the difference.

Visitors travelled long distances to come to the Well Being Event, which clearly evidences the solid and healthy demand. Let me be clear: there should be no difficulty in attaining high attendance to any event in this genre this year. The two-year gap has left many people with a great desire to attend. Next year, the test of promotion and how well the events are appreciated will reveal the strength of our endeavour.

Every Picture Tells a Story

This is why Ian and I are determined to ‘up the game’ for Visitor experience and enjoyment. And this will be no easy task. Making the changes and investments necessary to increase the attraction of our events will be substantial. But if we are to thrive and widen the appeal, there is no option but to reinvest and keep up with relentless promotion.

As I rewatched Ian’s LizianEvents Facebook live (Wednesday 14th July), I realised the many Community Members who voice their opinions were following the same thread. All know the importance of sharing and self-promotion. Interestingly, many Community Members I talked to at the NWBM are now well behind the policy of social media promotions. Something which caused immense reservations only three years ago. Remember, though, a few paid promotions or posts a month before an event is not enough. And the posts will only go out to the social media streams algorithms: so we have to push to a greater extent to gain reach.

A Whole Venue Of Happiness

There is also a need to be realistic about the present covid situation. We are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. One area of importance to all organisers is that local authorities are overriding government guidelines and watching events very closely. Do not be at all surprised if local authorities set safety guidelines rules far beyond central government information. If this happens, then the local authorities will take responsibility for the outcomes of events. They lead themselves open to all manner of litigation. If this comes to pass, expect a downward spiral in the small events industry. I’m not one for pessimism: but best keep an eye on this one.

Thank you to Rick Paul for his appraisal of ‘set-up’ before an event. It is an intensive one or two days. Truth to tell, it is something we look forward to doing. Ian, Jon and I do not see anything we do as hard work. If you like the objective, then all must be an experience of pleasure, not toil. You’d be interested to know his exclamation when discovering the floor tape we use is 22 pounds a roll, and we used three rolls in the space of an hour! Many thanks to Rick for his contribution, which was invaluable last Friday.

Well, that’s it for today. Apart from repeating my deepest thanks to all who attended last weekend’s Newark Well Being Market, it was a genuine triumph under the most difficult situations.

See You Very Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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