Escape to the Paintbrush and Pencil
Lesley Michele Hibbert

Escape to the Paintbrush and Pencil: LizianEvents Ltd: Lesley Michele Hibbert

Today’s review is one of a delightful book by Lesley Hibbert. It is one of simplicity and beauty. Lesley has produced a set of watercolours, and a poem accompanies each one. I have chosen not to reproduce the poetry as it seems this will take away the surprise of each juxtapositioned image and word. Although, you will read a few lines from the many poems.

Each stanza could easily be used as a mantra or key to meditation. And Lesley has attained the goal of all good poetry: the reader gains insight into the writers inner-self. It is all very well writing tidy poems: but the best acknowledge the poets true self.

“Reflecting on the blessings and privilege we hold:
Thoughts of those less fortunate, hungry alone or cold”

taken from poem 2020

Lesley’s art work is captivating. One should look carefully at the content of each watercolour. As the imagery enhances each poem. It is easy to become carried into a dreamscape while looking at the images. Bright and vibrant colours are used to best advantage. And each poem is short enough to be enjoyed with full understanding of the sentiment. Highly recommended to keep by one’s bedside as a seed to a relaxing sleep.

“Moments of peace, a time just to ponder
The striking blue flower that makes your heart wander”

taken from Forget Me Not

The little book is 50 pages long. 8X8 inches or 21X21 CM in measurement. And sensibly priced at 7.99. At this cost, it is well worth the money and is a worthy addition to any lover of poetry’s library. A short review? Buy the book you will not be disappointed.

Escape to the Paintbrush and Pencil: LizianEvents Ltd: Lesley Michele Hibbert

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