This morning consider the week ahead as an unknown and unwritten book. There will be moments of joy and possible moments of frustration.

Every day is precious, and once over: it becomes part of one’s history. And every time we leave excellent and happy memories within the library of life: the inner being rewards us with calm and peaceful sleep and helps keep the body healthy.

When one enters a confrontation, there’s no winner. No matter how the issue is reviewed. Why not consider that this week will be one without argument or disagreement. Attempt to embellish the power of indifference to that which is doubtful. Why not consider opinion is often dismissed by others and living within the reality of life is a more focused way to happiness?

Is this true?

If one lives and enjoys the reality surrounding us, then there is no need to consider the opinions of others. Why not live in the way you choose? Stay silent and follow your plans: no matter if they are great or small. Some wish to build an empire: others see heaven in their garden. The empire seeker has to grow relationships and nurture confidence: his stakes are significant. The Gardener sows his seeds, looks after the soil and hopes for sun and rain: working with nature. Nature is more challenging to nurture than any empire. Both Gardener and emperor ultimately feel the exact same sense of reward or failure.


The feeling received from success, any success is the same whether empire or small-holding. Happiness, real happiness, is the same for millionaires or pauper. The truth of this consideration is a secret of great importance. Anyone who takes time to meditate on the potential of this wisdom holds the keys to every beneficial possibility open to humankind.

Hold the Feeling of Happiness

When one seeks happiness. No matter how small the association. You will activate the power of success in every aspect of one’s life. By ensuring each small act rewards, the inner-being becomes more substantial and can enjoy more extraordinary and challenging tasks. When one thinks ‘I will enjoy this task’ and ensuring pleasure is gained, the body strengthens, and the intellect grows. And as the realisation that finding happiness within every task means life is more straightforward. One’s emotions become balanced. In time, spiritual and creative thoughts enrich every moment. The essence spiritual potentials flow through feelings, thoughts and actions.

People Notice

People will notice the change. It will be noticeable that life becomes more accessible. Friends and family understand your intentions. Strangers feel good in your company, finding they can trust your choices and ideas. There is no need to talk of opinion or desires. You’ll be able to flow in the river of life. Allowing the fresh waters of the future to take you to beautiful destinations. Never will you think ‘I do not like this task’. Your thoughts will become, ‘I do not relish this necessary act. But it has to be completed, and I will do the best I can and enjoy the outcome’.

Life is Hard

No need to feel sorry for your plight. Your health, possessions and wealth are what you have today. You can choose to have more of each tomorrow. And you gain not by planning. One gain’s by enjoying the gifts you already own. If you are ill, be happy some people can help you become well. If you are poor, be satisfied. There are ways to become secure. Although, the truth is life is complicated. Nothing is given by magic: unless you know how magic works! Magic is active when one enjoys life: even the most significant pain, the loss of a loved one, can become a celebration of times past and acknowledgement of love; this takes time to overcome: sometimes years: but know well, life has to continue, has to be endured, has to be accepted for its cruelty.

Emotional Happiness

The deepest of happiness comes from accepting the toil, difficulties, unfairness and cruelty. One can never change the actions of another. You do not know the thoughts of others: one falls into the deepest of traps when the belief is you know how people think. When someone says, ‘I know what you are thinking’ most often, your inner voice says, ‘No you do not!’ this proves the statement. To be happy, one reveals you real beliefs and thoughts. Others choose to accept or not: if not: then take this is the way of life. Why waste time attempting to influence the mind of another? Most often, you’ll fail and become agitated with the outcome. Consider the magic, you have to feel happy to make happy and good choices. Any other way becomes a weir (a small dam intentionally built to slow the water flow) in the river of life.

The River of Life

Life is a river. It flow is influenced by one’s emotions and intelligence. How we feel indicates if our acts and involvements are beneficial or restrictive. And when one uses intelligent thinking to reason through the difficult emotional episode: the truth is experienced: for examples: the relationship is over: the job is lost: the illness cannot be cured. Remember, life is hard. One makes a choice. Shed the tears and flow with the river or wait on the bank and allow them increase the depth of the river. Should we sink in the river’s depth or choose to move on? And see what comes along. Magic happens when choosing to move on: either way, there is an element of not knowing and uncertainty. But what do you desire? To wait for something you have already known or venture into the unknown and explore the possibilities?

Enjoy Life: No Matter the Circumstance

Ian Timothy

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