Another week passes. The response is excellent, and I safely write: the events will have packed venues for Visitors to enjoy. And plenty of interest in all events for the remainder of 2021 and many booking forms returned for 2022.

The policy of not taking deposits confuses some potential Community Members. So, I will clarify. The whole of the Community works on trust. We do not let each other down. Therefore, we trust that a signed booking form is sufficient to form an agreement. There is no need to pay deposits because the trust is adequate. And there is no concern for ‘losing one’s place’. This is not the way of this Well Being Organisation. No one is obligated to be at every event; flexibility is key to providing the Visitors with a varied and exciting Well Being Event. 

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Don’t Let Your Money Fall Away

Another important unique aspect is that if we were to take deposits for events (say 50 pounds for each event), we would hold around 40 thousand pounds on deposit. With an average of 400 pounds (eight events at 50) in deposits per Community Members, the sum soon grows! And if the events were prevented from running, we are legally bound to return the money.

We cannot be confident of the future. The virus situation holds many concerns, and the messages are inconsistent. It would be untenable to ask for substantial sums from Community-Exhibitors at this time. So there will be no change from the organisation’s booking policy, and your place is secure.

Although, it is essential to write: that anyone who constantly lets The Community Down will not secure bookings in the future. To be clear, when a name is in on an events promotion list: there will be Visitors who will travel to the event to see the specific individual. If they turn up and the listed exhibitor is not at the venue: they will be disappointed. In this instance, the end result is inevitable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the new customers to LizianShop. I have no doubt my weekly LizianShop Live’s are having a beneficial effect on business. New customers are arriving at LizianShop in Nottingham every day. Not only am I thanking the new customers: I’m also reminding readers of the power of online marketing. All you need is a decent phone and an hour or two on YouTube learning the basics of connecting using Facebook or YouTube, and you are past the starting gate. Remember, though, marketing is like everything in life. Persistence and consistency pay. If you wish to build a business, there has never been a better time to follow the dream.

Of course, there will be some who’ll disagree: but from any perspective. If you make products, such as jewellery, carvings, art, music, or a specialist dealer. Then go for it! Etsy: Facebook: eBay and Instagram are waiting for you to take advantage of their selling platforms.

Ian always says, ‘The difference between success and failure is acting on the idea’. There is no more satisfactory way of considering a business venture. Never fear the possibility of failure: just follow one’s heart and ‘give the idea a go’. And do not worry about being 100% perfect! Most successful businesses get off the ground with little money or assets. Just remember there is always someone who will love what you produce. In the past, the issue was coverage and awareness: two factors that are now practically eliminated.

Have a good week: be progressive and try out new ideas. Nothing is better than working with a new idea and testing it out. Do not look back and think, ‘I should have done that!’

See You Soon


Liz Clark

MD LizianEvents Ltd


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