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Looking Good!

The bookings and interest in the Staffordshire Well Being Market are looking good. There is interest from all surrounding areas. And with just five weeks to go before the market opens its doors now is the time to talk about how we see the future of this event.

The catchment area for the Staffordshire Showground covers two of the UK’s biggest cities. Birmingham and Manchester. A 45minute drive from Birmingham and just over an hour from Manchester. Telford is just 30 minutes away. As the awareness grows, so will attendance. And we feel that this first show will be a great success.

Looking Forward

The Community have so much to look forward to for the remainder of 2021 and for the whole of 2022. We have already established our return to The Well Being Markets. And it seems nothing will stop us from growing the awareness of our events. The response from the events already organised this year has been fantastic.

The Staffordshire Well Being Market has every potential to grow alongside The Community’s established reputation for producing an event well worth visiting. We look forward to organising The Staffordshire Well Being Markets and know that The Community are about to meet many new friends, clients and customers.

Building The Future

The Community are building their future. Every event evolves, more people are joining the Well Being Brand. They see their contributions as part of a wonderful mosaic of wellbeing and spiritual awareness. And yes! There is a long way to go. Every new event is a learning curve. However, there is a real understanding of how The Community wish to see their events evolve.

The Staffordshire Showground has incredible potential for The Community’s Well Being Markets. All will work hard to establish the foundations of a special and long-lived Visitor experience. Of course, we will meet some hurdles: there will always be ‘unknown or unforeseen situations encountered with any new event. We will rise to the challenge and surpass expectations.

Let The Show Begin

We have a great Community List ready for publication and there is a varied and enticing blend of therapies, counsellors, retail and information to whet the appetite of Visitors. We all know the feeling of anticipation when anything new is being established. All of us have questions to be answered. But the fact is we have to move and grow. All of us have experienced the setbacks of the last 18 months. And for those of us who wish to set the intention of new beginnings with a prosperous future here is that new opportunity.

The Venue

The Members Pavillion at Staffordshire Show Ground is a superb venue for a Well Being Event. Ample space and an abundance of rooms for the talks and presentation schedule. Plenty of free parking and easy access from the motorway and close proximity of major cities has to fair well for the future of the Well Being Market.

Staffordshire Show Ground: LizianEvents Ltd

The Staffordshire Showground Members Pavilion

The atmosphere in the venue is wonderful and we will be reviewing the assets with a video presentation. And there is more than enough scope to grow into the venue and establish a nationally recognised event. With the dedication of The Community efforts, we have much to look forwards to.


We will be visiting Stafford over the next weeks to circulate posters, flyers and promote the Well Being Market. Every effort will be made to start the first show with a good foothold for the future. We love promotion and meeting new people. Yes! We are starting from the legacy of the last 18 months, but this is not seen as a restriction, it is acknowledged as a benefit.

So, there is everything to look forward to and exciting times ahead. You can be sure all of us will put our very best effort into the success of this new venture. Everyone can be sure the dedication needed is active.


Anticipate regular updates about The Staffordshire Well Being Market. And as always, remember, the more we share the greater the awareness of The Community’s objectives. So, keep on sharing to help this event become established and successful for all who exhibit.

See You Soon

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