Every Wednesday we record a LizianEvents Facebook live with a Community Member. It is a great way for Visitors to get to know the people who make The Well Being Brand such special events.

As expected, Peter Wall’s contribution to the show was fantastic. His anecdotes made for plenty of laughs. Although, there was a serious side to the discussion. Peter’s wisdom and knowledge shine through every minute of the show. And as you will discover there was plenty of audiences interaction: questions and comments abound. As an indication of how great the interview’s quality, the hour flies by too fast. No doubt Peter will return later in the year.

Peter Wall: Hypnosis: Hypnotist: LizianEvents Ltd
Mr Peter Wall

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Becoming a guest on the LEFL really has many advantages. The average viewing figures after one month are in excess of 1000! And this has to be acknowledged as a substantial number. If there is ever a way to get more people to connect to your work, thoughts, ideas and skills, here it is, and the reach of the videos is becoming greater every week.

Becoming a guest is as easy as clicking the email link below. All you need is an hour of your time and we do everything else to make the ‘Live’ an enjoyable and worthwhile event. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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