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In keeping with our policy of increasing the number of promotional videos, we can now bring you a taste of the new media. As an additional benefit of recording the live streams broadcast from The Well Being Events. We can use some of the footage to make great promotional videos for potential and existing Visitors.

Not only can we use these videos, so can the presenters. Already, some of the recordings have been sent out for the lecturer to use on their websites and social media streams. It is easy to see the benefit of this arrangement. It is a win-win situation for all who take part in the live streams.

Rick Paul: LizianEvents Ltd: Live Stream: Blackmagic 4k BMPCC:

Rick Paul Presenting a Live Stream

Talks Schedule Promotion

Talks are very much an important attraction at every event. And during the C19 crisis, we invested heavily in live streaming equipment and will continue to do so during 2021 and 2022. Eventually being able to have four camera angles and promotional backdrops. Furthermore, between streams, we will live stream from the event trading floor to bring in Visitors from around the world! Why not? If you have the technology and know-how it offers great promotional advantages.

An Example Promotion

As you will see, the video is effective and demonstrate the depth, breadth and quality of the presenter’s knowledge and wisdom. Everyone who has seen the video so far has provided positive feedback. And the potential for placing the promotions in social media streams is fantastic. Everyone who is involved in the streams will benefit from taking part.

Rebuilding The Future

Everything we do now is to rebuild the future. The feeling is we have to take advantage of every available avenue to make The Well Being Brand more appealing to both Community Members and Visitors. One aspect we notice is more and more people are recognising Well Being Name with LizianEvents. Indeed, we are often asked ‘Is this one of your events?’ when the two words Well and Being is seen on social media. Brand awareness is essential to the long-term future: and there is substantial headway being made in this aspect of awareness.

So there are exciting times ahead. Video promotions, revamped Community information, weekly LizianEvents Facebook ‘Lives’ and an increasing number of daily Visitors to the daily LizianEvents News. More people are becoming actively involved in one2one promotion: Angela Barker is canvassing Staffordshire with flyers and posters. Jon and Liz are canvassing the Newark and Lincolnshire areas again. And we have many people offering their assistance in administration, media and promotion. There is a real ‘buzz’ about the future of The Well Being Brand!

Thank you to everyone who realises that The Well Being Brand is a real Community Project. We are non-profit driven and Community based. After eight years many, many people are seeing the potential for all who are part of the organisation. We will keep the stand prices as affordable as possible and every additional asset is without charge: the videos, live streams, Community Promotion are all part of the stand fees. Anyone who takes advantage of what is on offer will surely benefit.

Be Part of the Evolution

It is easy to be part of the evolution. There are no deposits to pay: bookings are flexible, there is no need to commit to every event. If you stand once a year or at every event, you will still receive the same promotional benefits. What is seen is exactly what is received. We were able to adapt events during the crisis ‘to make them happen’. And we will continue to work to help everyone involved become successful. This connectivity is growing, for example, Paul Willcock is our Ambassador for the North-East of the country and we will soon be announcing a new event in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. And this will have a very special aspect so as it is accessible to The Whole Community.

Thank you for reading this article. And if you are a Community Member: increase the awareness of your Well Being Events. Al you have to do is show you care and share!

See You Soon

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