I’ve enjoyed a busy week. LizianShop is enjoying a return to solid trading and the Well Being Events are also receiving great interest. The feeling is The Community is connecting to a greater degree than ever before. And offers of help in all aspects of the Well Being Events is acknowledgement of the potentials held within the future.

One cannot be involved in aspects of wellbeing and not connect to the forces of success. And there is no reference to financial aspects here: I write of the wealth of friendship and mutual support. As we know, there is a ‘tipping-point’ when efforts manifest in the realisation of one’s objectives. And the more people who contribute to the goal, the greater the success.

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The Image of Wellbeing


One of my favourite days of the week is Thursday. It is the day when I record my LizianShop Live. There is no hard sell. My hour of connection is to talk about the aspect of my work which is the foundation of our business. Of course, crystals and minerals. While we may not have the largest of shops, online presence or business, LizianShop pays our bills, and allows us to run LizianEvents Ltd as a none profit focussed business. I was asked if we could run LizianEvents as a stand alone business this week. My answer was ‘Of course, it is a stand alone business. We choose to reinvest to build the brand into something more than a rent a venue enterprise’. I’m proud that more and more people see the ethic as alive. And many are seeing the reason for this foundation stone of The Well Being Brand.

I return to the weekly Lizian Crystal and Insence Shop Facebook Live. If you have a business, small or large, I would guide you to explore the possibilities of Facebook live promotion. All you need is your phone and an hour of your time. If you think carefully about your message, you will discover a wonderful group of people who will interact and contribute to the show. You do not need great numbers to watch the ‘live’ as many will connect on ‘catch-up’. They will watch in their own time: and viewers will contact you for more information and even buy a product or two. More important, is they get to meet with you: this is important because when people resonate a wonderful rapport makes life so much better. I find the Facebook lives have more value in making good friends than any other aspect.

So, I have asked Ian to put up the recording of my Facebook live on this Sunday thoughts. I think it will demonstrate more about how I feel at this time than writing a thousand words. And also, give encouragement to anyone who is looking for new avenues to explore. There is more to Facebook lives than selling!

My Facebook Live!

Thanks for watching and have a great week!

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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