A busy Wednesday evening recording LizianEvents Facebook lives. Yes! We recorded two ‘lives. Brigitte Rix was our first guest, and she enthralled the audience with her words, personally and kindness. And from the number of questions and audience interaction, it is easy to realise how interesting is Brigitte’s work.

Brigitte has channelled seven books centred on the subject of life after death and reincarnation. The books are best sellers and have gained an immense international following. They are easy to read and understand and worth buying. In the interview, Brigitte does touch on the books: however, the subjects of the books are the centre of attention.

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We hope you have enjoyed the LizianEvents Facebook live. They are recorded each Wednesday evening from 7:00 until 8:00. Sometimes we record two episodes depending on the demand for guest spaces or proximity to a Well Being Event. The purpose of the show is for people to get to know the attending Community Members. As most people know: The Well Being Brand Events are Community-driven and non-profit centred.

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