Staffordshire Well Being Market

On Wednesday, a visit to the Staffordshire Showground’s Member’s Pavilion presented the opportunity to provide Community Members and Visitors with a first sight of the venue. And my goodness, did we have an incredible response. It seems the venue far exceeds the Community and Visitors expectations. As indeed it does! I did not want to reveal the fantastic venue before the event was certain to happen. Not only this, I did not wish to build false hopes.

While visiting the venue, I recorded a Facebook Live. And I believe it is a great subject for this Sunday’s ‘Thoughts’. You cannot help but realise the incredible potential for the new venue for the Community’s long-term success. Watch the video to see the potential:

Commitment To The Staffordshire Well Being Event

Ian and I have chosen to subsidise the stand fees for this event, and we have distributed 5000 flyers which will provide free entry for one Visitor. Jon and Angela Barker are promoting over in Stafford this week and every week leading up to the event. Posters and tickets are part of the event, and so is an advertisement in What’s On In Staffordshire. You can be sure we will connect to every possible media stream to get this event into the minds of Well Being-minded people.

Media Video

With the new streaming equipment purchases, we can produce short and powerful information videos. The focus is on quality and impact. I look forward to seeing many of these on media channels in the coming weeks:

Keep on Promoting

You can be sure we will continue to push the promotion of the Well Being Events. There is a long way to go before the Well Being Brand is acknowledged as a great example of events organisation. However, we know the objective and see the potential for success. The formula is: Community focussed – Non-profit-centred – Superb venues – 24/7/365 Promotion.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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