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One Week To Go

It seems as if the weeks have flown by since the last event at the Lady Eastwood Centre. Like many people, we are looking forward to meeting Community and Visitors back to the venue. Again, we see great interest from Visitors and attending Community, and the overall feeling is good.

LizianEvents News

We hit a landmark this week: 1800 articles! And we are seeing 350+ visits on most days. There can be no doubt that the weekly LizianEvents and LizianShop Facebook lives are increasing the brand’s awareness. Already, some of you have seen the subtle changes to the branding of the events. ‘Market’ has become ‘Marketplace’.

Those of you who use Linkedin can see the changes to our profiles, and the following is increasing daily. Also, Instagram is becoming used daily. Ian is really bonding the social media and business streams on a higher level. And as you will discover tomorrow, the connections have paid off at The Staffordshire Well Being Marketplace. With a great number of new names added to the Community list, which now stands at 118. 118 is the number of Community Members booked across the spectrum of the events. And the interest is growing; I feel we are beginning to drive home the awareness of The Well Being Brand to an extended audience.

LizianEvents News is at the centre of awareness activity: But the LizianEvents Facebook Group is also growing. Over sixty members have joined during August. And it is clear to see, more and more members are using the LizianEvents Facebook Group to best advantage. Use the link and join and use it to your benefit.

Let's Welcome: LizianEvents Ltd
Let's Welcome: LizianEvents Ltd

New Short Promotion Video

Here is another short promotion video for Community Members to share: This video is produced so as Visitors and potential Community Members can see the real feeling of happiness gained from attending a Well Being Brand Event.

See You Soon

So we have a busy week ahead. And plenty to look forward to during the last months of the year. I see many people now gaining the confidence to leave their homes and return to a semblance of normal life. Everyone can be sure the daily promotions and focus on awareness will continue without let-up. Be sure The Well Bing Brand is becoming a unique and very special part of the events year.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


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